10 secret social media hacks from the experts

10 Secret Social Media Marketing Hacks From The Experts

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The social media landscape continues to change every single minute and it’s a herculean task to keep in touch with these changes. However, you can still hone your social media marketing skills if you’ve a few tricks up your sleeves.

Here are a few hacks from the social media experts that will let you do just that without implying much effort.

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  1. Apps that help you schedule posts on Instagram

Have you ever wondered when is the best time to share your picture/video to get the most likes and followers? TakeOff and Iconosquare crunches the numbers to examine when will be the best time to post your pictures and notifies you about the same. TakeOff also suggests suitable hashtags to go with your caption so that you can hit your target audience.

  1. Use Instagram only for editing

Disable your mobile data and Wi-Fi connection or put your phone on airplane mode, click pictures, edit them, and try and post. The pictures won’t be uploaded, but are saved in your phone. Since Instagram has an array of amazing filters, the edited or filtered pictures can be used across other social media platforms, even if you don’t want to use them on Instagram.

  1. Go offline to hide from annoying friends on Facebook

You might have one or two friends who start bombarding you with messages the minute you go online on Facebook. But, Facebook has a disabling option in the Chat section, where you can select a bunch of people for whom you’ll always appear offline, unless you decide to go online again. These people will never know when you’re online and you can go through your profile and timeline at ease.

  1. Retrieve deleted content from Facebook

If you’ve ever deleted some old pictures or posts on Facebook by mistake and can’t find them elsewhere, here’s a hack to save it for you. Login to your Facebook account and go to the General Account Settings. Here at the very end, after the Temperature Setting box, you’ll see an option Download Facebook Data. Follow the instructions given, enter your password, and you’ll soon receive a mail with a link to download all your facebook data.

  1. Sync your Facebook calendar with Google calendar

This hack is very convenient for people who often forget birthdays and anniversaries. To activate this feature, click on the Upcoming Events and Birthdays feature on Facebook and copy this page’s link address. Next, go to your Google calendar, click on the Other Calendars option on the left side of the page, and add the facebook calendar link using the drop down button.

  1. Prioritize your Facebook news feed

Have you often missed your friends’ posts because of spam and advertisements? If yes, then there’s a facebook hack that lets you determine what news you see and whose profile updates are on the top of your news feed. All you have to do is go to that person’s profile, click on the Friends tab, and select the See First option.

  1. Style your bio for Instagram

This one’s pretty easy. Create your bio using MS-Word or any such software and copy paste it in the Bio section of your profile, and that’s it.

  1. Use Rapportive for LinkedIn

Rapportive is a free Gmail plugin that will show you details of the LinkedIn profile of people emailing you. This will help you quip a better and an appropriate answer to their mail.

  1. Zoom onto Instagram photos (only for iPhones)

Now, you’ll need an iOS-enabled phone or tab for using this feature. First enable the Zoom feature from the Accessibility option, and then use the triple tap feature to zoom onto a picture on Instagram.

  1. Donate to non-profit organisations.

Make contributions to nonprofit organisations through Facebook. These organisations are verified and trustable, and you can donate any amount you want to. Just look for the Donate Now option on the organization’s profile and transfer money.

These social media hacks not only make your life easy, but also empower you with better socializing and interactive skills.

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