How Realtors Can Use Social Media

4 Tips On How Realtors Can Use Social Media

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Are you a real estate agent wondering how realtors can use social media? Well, then you are at the right place.  

In today’s world, you don’t only need to be social offline, but online too. Everyone knows the importance of being on the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The real estate sector is one sector in the market that is comparatively slow in embracing new technology and even a few years back; realtors were doing pretty good even by avoiding social media. 

Things have changed now and being a part of social media, is no longer a choice for real estate professionals. Moreover, you can connect to clients via social media, and this will inevitably boost your marketing efforts. 

So how exactly to go about it? Use these four tips to succeed in today’s social media: 

1. Have A Game Plan In Place

It’s vital that you design the right game plan and also that you stick to it. There are many social media channels out there—Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. If you think that all you have to do is create an account or a page in each of these channels, then you’re mistaken.  

Even if you are on a single platform, it is essential that you post on a regular basis. In short, you need to be consistent and active, when it comes to social media marketing. If you have opened a Facebook page and it has just four entries since the year 2016, then you are doing more harm than good to your social media profile. 

Most people joining the social media bandwagon get overwhelmed at the beginning, and then they start losing the momentum. When you have a plan, and you stick, it will ensure that you stay focused on your goals. You will have a strategy, and that will help you in reaching your goals. 

2. Pick The Right Channels 

This can be tough more so if you are not familiar with all the social media channels. Initially, it is always a better idea to start with few channels and not all. You will need to understand that each channel targets a specific demographic and the content on one should be different from the other. 

What works on Facebook might not work on Instagram and vice versa. If your target audience is people above 40, the SnapChat should be the last channel you need to have a presence in.

3. Use The Channels Effectively 

Know what content works for which channel. Twitter is ideal for sharing information-rich articles and is a great place to have topical conversations. On the other hand, Instagram and Pinterest are more for visual inspirations, and here, you can share design ideas or share images of your real estate projects. 

You need to make use of different types of contents starting from text-based contents and images to videos and GIFs. Live-streaming is another great tool that you can make use of as a realtor. 

4. Management 

This is where most real estate agents fail. Amidst all the concrete and cement, they forget about social media. You need to make posts strategically and consistently. Social media management isn’t easy, and you can end up either wasting too much of your time or investing too less. The best way to manage social media is by hiring a social media manager. You don’t have to hire someone in-house. You can always outsource, and the agency will take care of all your requirements.  

Social media presence is more than a necessity these days.  Check out our Social Media Marketing Package.  Our package is great for any small business looking to have an active online presence.

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