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5 Social Media Trends to Look Out for in 2018

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The world is active on social media and you can find millions of people on it. The growth in the number of users increases exponentially every year and this is because of the new trends that are constantly being upgraded.

Any social media enthusiast will tell you that they are up-to-date on his/her knowledge of latest trends. In doing so, you are a part of the change and you are at an advantage to use it for yourself. After all, isn’t it the users that make something to trend?

Here are a few trends that you will be observing over the next year.

Increase in Influencer Marketing

Brands collaborating with celebrities to endorse their products are not enough. There are a few statistics that prove otherwise. People choose to follow influencers who are regular individuals like themselves. People feel more comfortable listening to their opinions.

This fact is supported by the census that shows 70% of teens like to follow ordinary people than celebs. Most women shop only after having a glance at social media. Brands campaigning on one social media platform is not sufficient anymore. A balance needs to be maintained between all to keep the business flowing seamlessly.

Focus Shifts to Gen Z

Studies have shown that businesses and organizations can target the current Gen Z, rather than the millennial. The Gen Z is the crowd in which the oldest members are 22-year-olds.

Teens and young adults are just about entering the labor force now. This means they have a higher power in buying and creating the latest trends. This is already being recognized by brands and they are making efforts to influence the Gen Z. You can even expect a lot more changes to come up on Instagram and Snapchat.

Twitter to Go through a Transition

Twitter used to be the first app people went to for information and sharing. It was a vital part of the marketing strategies for most businesses. But Twitter had a decline in the number of users this year. It is lagging far behind Facebook and Instagram. However, you can expect Twitter to be back in 2018 with a bang — bringing strategies that are bound to level the field.

Chatbots Aid in Creating a Personalized Experience

Instant messaging has come about in almost all social media. This will only improve the shopping experience. Information can be spread across the world instantly if needed today. This may, however, push businesses to make early decisions, thus affecting the quality.

Chatbots can, however, be used to curate the customer experience and send personalized content to the users directly. While Facebook already uses about 100,000 bits every month, this is a strategy you may see implemented by many other businesses as well.

Importance of Video will Grow

Video content is viral, and when used effectively, it will only build your business. As social algorithms evolve and grow, the video content will only grow to be more valuable for building followers and generating engagement. Creating good video content and tying to your blog and other social media presence will be crucial for brands in the coming year.

The major trends in social media will force marketing strategies to be revamped. The only way to stay ahead of the curve is to foresee these changes in social media trends well in advance and act on it. Keep up with the changing trends to achieve your goals for 2018.

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