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6 Social Media Myths Many People Believe

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Social media marketing has evolved to be more than just an escape from the real world. It harbors a large collection of prospective customers that you can easily reach out to. But if you think that comprehending the basics of social media is enough to garner online traffic, you’re wrong.

The innumerable social media strategies on the internet provide a wide range of ways to tackle the online world. However, some of these ‘promising’ strategies end up doing more harm than good.

Here are a few popular myths that we’ve debunked.

Continuous Broadcasting Is Highly Effective

Social media is free. But that doesn’t mean you have the license to spam people with constant updates about your business. Continuous posts like statuses or images tend to irritate customers and make your business look impersonal.

No one likes to experience in-your-face advertising all the time. Instead, engage your followers by setting up contests and having polls. Create content that’s relatable to them, or share content from prominent websites. This gives your brand a personal touch and attracts new prospects while keeping your existing ones satisfied.

social-media-myths-many-believe-vilampara1 Social Media Presence Is Like Having A Web page


Having a social media presence is a great add-on to your business. But a personal web page is critical if you want to solidify your brand. So, if you don’t have a website, make one. While these networks are a great way to engage your customers and resolve queries, official websites are an integral part of your business identity.

Social Media Engagement Does Not Generate Income

With effective online branding strategies, any business will flourish. For example, by promoting discounts or introducing new products, you can attract a wider audience and capture their interest. That way, you can effectively maneuver traffic towards your business and earn more money.

It’s A Waste Of Time

If all you do is share random posts that don’t connect with your audience, then yes, it is a waste of time. When you treat your social presence as the face of your business, you’ll eventually cut down on the unnecessary information that you post.

Maintaining a blog is a highly-effective way to engage customers and promote your brand. Make full use of social media by responding to queries and complaints that people have about your business. That way you’ll seem interested and earn the loyalty of your clients.

More Social Media Sites Equal More Traffic

Before you join a social media site, you need to have an understanding of your business and the market you’re targeting. If you’re a publication company, sites like WordPress, Blogspot, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter will help you engage the interest of numerous readers and writers (potential clients). Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr are better suited to photography businesses.

The ‘Many people have asked …’ Line Works

If you’ve been starting your posts with ‘Many people have asked …’ line, then you probably need an efficient content marketing team. Hiring a capable team to handle your social media channels will help you create engaging content. Rather than reiterating what’s already been said, innovative content that captures the essence of your business will help you garner more followers.

So avoid these mistakes, and your social media presence will only be fruitful for your business. It’ll also help you increase your fanbase, retain loyal customers, and increase your revenue.

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