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Facebook Marketing Upgrades That You’ll ‘LIKE’

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Facebook marketing is an excellent tool to reach out to your target audience. It lets you start, build, and polish your business without having to go through all the dreary paperwork. Want to start a business on a tight budget? Facebook is all you need!

But wait, Facebook recently announced that page admins will experience a drop in the ‘Likes’ that they’ve received on their page. Sounds like a bad time to start a business? In reality, it’s a blessing!

The Change

Page likes are getting a revamp on Facebook. The company plans to remove voluntarily-deactivated and memorialized accounts from the ‘Likes’ count on a page. This means that likes from accounts that are not in use will be removed from the total count. While this may seem counterproductive to the efforts of a business, it helps by providing real-time data.

By removing users who aren’t active, Facebook pages are provided with a more accurate count of their followers.

Consistency: Individual page posts are already free from likes and comments generated by inactive or deactivated accounts. The new upgrade keeps this data consistent by accurately reflecting these numbers in the overall fan base of the page.

Many Facebook pages even create spam accounts to generate more likes. Removing inactive accounts means that likes will be free from fake users that were just created to increase the count on a page. In essence, this move will help the users and other businesses to determine whether a page is truly worth visiting.

Expansion: The Facebook tool, Custom Audiences, lets you upload the details of your existing customer base, so that your Facebook ads can be targeted at people who are already familiar with your business. Since the database of likes will be purely organic and free from useless accounts, your business can utilize it to expand further.

Using this information you can harness the power of Facebook’s ‘Lookalike Audiences’ – a tool that analyzes your current fan base and reaches out to people with similar interests. Without this, your business might find it difficult to grow. For example, you can target your current customer base with an ad campaign to increase your Facebook likes. But chances are that those who haven’t seen your page probably never will. So, thanks to the new update on likes, you can create a reference that can be used to draw in more customers.


Page admins can hope to experience a small dip in numbers, as stated by Facebook. Keep in mind, however, that these subtracted likes represent the inactive population on Facebook. So don’t stress over the hypothetical loss of your Facebook followers. If a deactivated account is reopened and running again, the account will be re-added to the total likes on a page.

Facebook is constantly looking to provide useful information to its users. Its dynamic nature and ever-changing interface has allowed businesses to prosper for years. Most social media businesses rely on valuable customer information to improve their operations, and this update provides the required knowledge.

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