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How Digital Marketing Helps to Generate Sales for Your E-Commerce Site

By on Generate Sales for Your E-Commerce, Digital Marketing Agency Toronto

You have started an online store to sell your products. However, you need visitors to land up on your website to see your products and make purchases. Although clocking sales can take a priority, you also need marketing running on the side to promote your catalog and what you offer. A good digital marketing strategy…

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Gear Up for Facebook Video Ads

By on Gear Up for Facebook Video Ads Vilampara Media

  100 million hours – what would you watch with all that time? That’s about 11415.5 years. That number is just the daily, yes daily, amount of video watch time reported by Facebook users last year. We can safely assume that the amount of time people are spending watching video content on Facebook has likely…

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How to Build a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Busines

By on Social media marketing agency Toronto - Vilampara Media

Businesses have evolved greatly over the last century. Earlier, businessmen had to travel from door to door to market their goods and services. Technology paved the way for strategies that revolved around telemarketing, trade shows, print and electronic media advertisements, and emails. However, companies found that these methods were sometimes intrusive, which is what led…

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5 Tips To Make Your Social Media Marketing More Appealing

By on Social Media Marketing Toronto

You’re probably aware of the impact that social media can have, especially when promoting your business online. With the heavy influence that social media marketing can have, it’s all the more important for you to make your posts on these sites as appealing as possible. With these 5 simple tips and tricks, ensure that you…

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Social Media Marketing Blunders You Need To Avoid

By on Social Media Marketing Blunders You Need To Avoid

Social media has given small businesses the big break that they were waiting for. Sitting in Moscow, Russia, you can now sell your product or service to a customer in Tokyo, Japan, all thanks to the internet. This ease in the flow of communication has helped many businesses reach their first million mark. Marketing through…

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Use These Internet Marketing Tactics to Keep Customers Coming Back

By on Remarketing advertisements in digital marketing

In the world of internet marketing, remarketing is a key technique that helps you market to people who have visited your website. Let’s say a user is browsing your e-retail site. They could be distracted from making a transaction by anything from a facebook notification to a photo of cats! Once this happens, you could…

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What makes visual promotions the reigning king of Internet Marketing

By on What makes visual promotions the reigning king of marketing

The internet, particularly social networking sites, have become one of the biggest platforms for marketing. However, as people browse through hundreds of pages each day, it is critical to develop content that appeals to their senses in a split second. This is where visual content comes into play. Images and videos engage people and increase…

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Master Instagram with 6 Handy Tips

By on Master Instagram With These 6 Handy Tips

It can be said quite confidently that Instagram is an absolute phenomenon in the world of social media. Created in 2010 by Stanford graduate duo—Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger—this free mobile app skyrocketed to 100 million users before Facebook acquired it in 2012. Instagram is immensely popular around the world; according to a post on…

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Generate A Larger Social Following With These 7 Tips

By on Social media followers

Starting a new business, a website or a blog? The key to success today is to have a ton of social media followers. However, increasing your number of social followers is much easier said than done. A coordinated approach is essential to strengthen your social media presence and to keep your audience engaged. If you…

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All You Need to Know About App Store Optimization (ASO)

By on App store optimization vilampara media

Planning to launch a mobile app? Have you given enough thought to how you’re are going to make it popular? If not, then it’s time you learnt about app store optimization, also known as ASO. App store optimization or ASO is the best way of getting your app noticed and raking in huge number of…

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