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How to Ensure Social Media Safety

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Sam is a social media enthusiast. His password was a simple ‘123456A’. His username was ‘Admin1’. Previously, it was Admin and 123456. Since Social media platforms have set a rule to include special characters, alphabets and numbers in their password, he had changed it this way.   He used the same password for all his accounts. Since his password was…

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How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

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Social media posts are all about driving attention and gaining an audience, leads and viewership. These posts help your businesses to navigate their position in the market. These are the things you should keep in mind when it comes to posting on these social media platforms in a day.  Facebook posts are extremely valuable for…

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Get On The Influencer Marketing Bandwagon in 2019

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Influencer marketing is incorporating traditional methods of celebrity endorsement with social media marketing. Influencers generally have a huge fan-base online. They have the power and influence purchasing of their followers. Their opinion and suggestions are highly valued by their followers. Before you begin a new influencer marketing campaign, there are several trends to be aware of.  …

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Influencer Marketing Is The Next Big Trend

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Influencer marketing refers to a collaboration between the old and new forms of marketing. It is the inclusion of social media celebrities or influencers in one’s own modern-day marketing campaign. The usual marketing campaign is targeted towards the people who are capable of being influenced by people they respect and consider opinion providers. The influencers…

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New Trends Of Video Marketing In 2019 For You To Try

By on Video Marketing Trends, Digital Marketing Agency Toronto, Vilampara Media

In the new media age, everything is only a few clicks away. And what makes content so accessible, is the mass availability of smartphones. Videos are the most entertaining and engaging form of collaborated information. YouTube is a  platform for all video content creators. In 2019, one should know what the trends are to market…

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Marketing Videos For Every Need

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In today’s fast-moving world where countless content is produced every day, one needs to be sure that the effort spent on a project reaches its audience. Videos engage more than one sense of a viewer. The viewer is seeing, listening and at the same time, feeling the content being viewed. There are various types of…

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Professional Marketing Videos Will Take You A Long Way

By on Professional Marketing Videos, Digital Marketing Toronto, Vilampara Media

Trying to make your video look professional is more about how it’s done rather than what’s being used. One may think, a professional looking video can only be made with expensive equipment. It is really just the right use of the technique. Here are a few handy tips to keep in mind to produce a…

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The Best Marketing Videos To Beat Your Competition

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Marketing videos should be apt, informative and concise. Here are some fun tips to carefully curating a successful marketing video. Become a Storyteller  A story is an interactive form of delivering information. It is a form that remains embedded in the minds of the people, rather than an advertisement that comes off as too sales-y…

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Reasons to Setup an E-commerce Website

By on E-commerce Website, Vilampara Media, Digital Marketing Toronto

Whether you are just considering the idea of setting up a local store to sell your own products or you are an established brick & mortar store thinking of acquiring a wider reach, an e-commerce website should be one of your first steps.  Just a Few Advantages of Selling Online Right now, customers expect a…

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Latest SEO Trends to Follow for 2019 

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2018 saw the dawn of inevitable SEO options such as mobile-first index and the death of poor quality content. It was the year when digital marketers realized the value of SEO and quality.   Taking the legacy forward to 2019, what are all the latest trends that are twinkling in the world of SEO? Here is a sneak-peak…

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