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Digital Marketing Quotes to Take Inspiration from

By on Digital Marketing Quotes to Take Inspiration from

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and tactics that worked even a few years back have become obsolete. It’s important for digital marketers to think creatively to get effective results. What better way to help you think creatively than some inspirational quotes from marketing gurus? Here are some of the best to inspire you and your…

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What Not To Do When Mobile App Marketing

By on Mobile App marketing

Mobile app marketing are all the rage nowadays and almost every e-commerce site has an app of their own. The reason being consumers don’t want to go through the long process of opening a web browser and then searching for different items. They want a simple app that will open up a plethora of options with…

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All You Need to Know About App Store Optimization (ASO)

By on App store optimization vilampara media

Planning to launch a mobile app? Have you given enough thought to how you’re are going to make it popular? If not, then it’s time you learnt about app store optimization, also known as ASO. App store optimization or ASO is the best way of getting your app noticed and raking in huge number of…

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Digital Marketing in 2016: What to Expect

By on Digital Marketing Agency Toronto | Vilampara Media

Digital marketing has seen a lot of changes over the past few years. Some of them became big hits while others took big “hits” and ultimately fizzled out into obscurity. As the tech boom continues, there’s surely going to be a lot of mutations in the marketing DNA. You’re looking at email campaigns, social media…

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Digital Marketing trends that took 2015 by storm

By on Digital Marketing Agency Toronto | Vilampara Media

With the year almost drawing to a close, it’s time to look into the trends that shook digital marketing to the core. They were efficient, positive, assertive, and produced positive results. While you can never predict when they might go out of trend, or when a new player might just swoop in as a replacement,…

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5 Tips to Help Your Mobile App Marketing

By on Mobile App Marketing Agency Toronto - Vilampara Media

You’re probably aware of the immense size of the app consumer market. As an app developer, it’s easy to make an assumption that a great app is all you need. However, if you don’t suitably market the app itself, it might get buried under the millions (yes, millions!) of apps out there. 1 in 5…

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