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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook and Instagram Ad Specifications

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If you are a business owner, why not reach out to them through Facebook Ads? In 2018, there were 23.6 million Canadian Facebook users. Get to know the types of Facebook Ads with which you can reach out to a wide audience and take your business to the next level.  1. Video Ads  When it comes to video…

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How Digital Marketing Helps to Generate Sales for Your E-Commerce Site

By on Generate Sales for Your E-Commerce, Digital Marketing Agency Toronto

You have started an online store to sell your products. However, you need visitors to land up on your website to see your products and make purchases. Although clocking sales can take a priority, you also need marketing running on the side to promote your catalog and what you offer. A good digital marketing strategy…

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Digital Marketing Quotes to Take Inspiration from

By on Digital Marketing Quotes to Take Inspiration from

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and tactics that worked even a few years back have become obsolete. It’s important for digital marketers to think creatively to get effective results. What better way to help you think creatively than some inspirational quotes from marketing gurus? Here are some of the best to inspire you and your…

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Which Social Media Should I Use for My Business? 

By on Vilampara media

Social media was considered a nuisance to people, believing that it was a waste of time and a fad that would pass. But the fact is that, with most of the world on social media, it is a great place to reach out to customers. An online presence is absolutely crucial. Owning a social media…

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5 Social Media Trends to Look Out for in 2018

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The world is active on social media and you can find millions of people on it. The growth in the number of users increases exponentially every year and this is because of the new trends that are constantly being upgraded. Any social media enthusiast will tell you that they are up-to-date on his/her knowledge of…

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4 Tips On How Realtors Can Use Social Media

By on How Realtors Can Use Social Media

Are you a real estate agent wondering how realtors can use social media? Well, then you are at the right place.   In today’s world, you don’t only need to be social offline, but online too. Everyone knows the importance of being on the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The real estate sector is one sector…

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Top Digital Channels For B2B Lead Generation

By on Content Marketing Toronto

If you are looking forward for B2B lead generation, then you need to stay ahead of present-day trends. B2B marketing and sales have changed a lot over the last few decades. Also, it is noted that verbal communication has remained constant, but the importance of digital marketing has significantly increased compared to direct marketing. Digital…

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Leading Canadian Social Media Marketing Influencers

By on Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is a very powerful tool to convey messages. From news alerts to trending topics, social media has become the first choice to send out news. It can be very effective if used properly. It can equally cause damage if used improperly.  But there are certain people who have mastered social media marketing…

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Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, And Growing Your Business In 2017 

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The past few years have taught us a lot about the effectiveness of social media. It is a very powerful tool if used correctly and to its fullest potential. Social media marketing blends traditional marketing styles with modern media to get your products and services out to the world.   It involves a process of innovation, creation, production and…

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Social Media Marketing: Hiring In-house Versus an Agency 

By on Social Media Marketing

With everything from your financial transactions to socializing going digital, social media marketing has become the practical approach to business advertising. Using emails, pay per click campaigns, wireless text messages, RSS, blogging, podcasts, broadcasts and more, digital marketing has taken the field of traditional offline marketing by storm.   If you’re in a private business or…

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