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Digital Marketing in 2016: What to Expect

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Digital marketing has seen a lot of changes over the past few years. Some of them became big hits while others took big “hits” and ultimately fizzled out into obscurity. As the tech boom continues, there’s surely going to be a lot of mutations in the marketing DNA. You’re looking at email campaigns, social media campaigns, apps—well, the list is endless—and every segment is bound to evolve or face extinction.

2016 beckons, and there you are predicting what segment of digital media marketing is going to witness a change and who will the new players be to replace the dilapidated. Well, here are a few possibilities you must take note of.

1. The Rise of Cellulars

Everything’s going mobile: food, entertainment, health services, and even romance! Like ants drawn to sugar, businesses all over the world have been putting down their sweet services in the form of apps. You already know that PC/laptop traffic has been overrun by cellular traffic. And with mobile users increasing day-by-day, brands have been pushing to imprint their existence in the mobile universe. If you’re doing the same with your brand, focus on the balance between usability and look. Cellular devices are pretty nowadays, so your app cannot lack in demeanour but has to work like magic!

2. The Video Scenario

Adverts are on the rise on channels like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook because millions flock to socialize or get entertained. With the rise of internet users every day, marketers have understood that their campaigns produce better results than television adverts. With Google set to reveal video adverts in their search engine results page, digital marketing is going to elevate to a whole new level in 2016. Marketers have also been actively involved in promoting interactive video campaigns and adverts to fish for customers, and this feature is set to continue into 2016.

3. Your Personal Digital Assistant

Digital assistant was a hit in 2015 because people have been too lazy to type when they exploit the search engine. The audio search toolbar has been incorporated into Google’s search engine, and that has fired marketers to rank atop Google’s search results page. But, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Ranking high in search results demands quality content with the inclusion of being unique. So, marketers are surely going to invest in the creation of idiosyncratic content that’ll see their brand/service(s) land high in the SERP.

4. Big Data—A Treasure Trove

Big data is simply like a sunken ship laden with treasure—the path to it is treacherous, but once captured, the riches are insurmountable. Therefore, brands have been laying emphasis on the mining and categorization of data because it aids decision making and provides business insights. An analyst with experience in handling large amounts of data is therefore in demand because they can eat it up with ease and spit-out business intelligence that is essential for propelling content and distribution.

These are only a few pointers that’ll hit digital marketing in 2016 creating ripples in the tech industry. Wearables, bitcoins, and augmented reality are a few other usurpers bound to change the reality of marketing on the world wide web. Let’s wait and see what makes the cut!

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