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Easy, Workable Tips To Ramp Up Business Visibility

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It’s an ocean of advertising out there, where if you’re out of sight you’re truly out of mind. Experts can tell you all about online visibility and presence but few business-owners completely understand why it’s so essential to their business’ health and growth. Staying connected to customers and potential clients are your lifeline, especially when you’re a small business. Read on to learn more about easy, workable tips to ramp up business visibility. 

Why Visibility Is Vital

‘Visibility’ means the appearance of your brand, products, or service in the general consumer ecosystem. It allows people to find your website on their own and helps to grow your brand reputation. A strong online presence is the way to go if you want to reach out to many more potential customers across geographies. With 2.4 billion Internet users worldwide, and the numbers growing, your client-base is almost limitless.

Nearly 80% of Americans are Internet users. Staying visible involves invoking a powerful memory strategy that pushes your brand to potential customers. You gain visibility when you talk directly to your clients and potential customers, and there’s no better way of communicating with them through the web.

Tips and Elements That Make You Visible

Content is king even today, in the age of low attention spans. Though users love eye-catching colors, graphics, and images, unless you give them something to chew on, you’ll lose them. Relevant, good-quality, and original content is highly appreciated by search engines like Google too. Plagiarized content is also not prioritized on search engine result pages, and preference is always given to the original author of the content.

User experience is important and you need to think like a user to design a good UX. Your web-design professional should have the tools and expertise to create a user friendly, easy-to-navigate and welcoming experience, so ensure you leverage this. For example, have you thought of how easy and intuitive it is for a user to share your content with someone they want through their favorite social media or communication channel?

The need for a quick load time of web pages is supreme in today’s environment where mobile devices are used on the go, sometimes even on patchy networks. Mobile users have overtaken desktop users since 2014. All Internet marketers pay attention to page load speed – because they know that if a website takes more than 3 seconds to download, people move on.

Use .png files and avoid large-scale animations, pop-ups etc. Backlinks and cross-linking are much appreciated by users. All of these factors will contribute to your SEO process. It is the key element for visibility through search engines like Google. Conduct regular website audits, and build a robust linking-strategy.

Images, videos and infographics are interesting and memorable – leverage them at all costs. Optimize for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and share your content through these channels actively. Put in a system of commenting on top, high-authority blogging sites relevant to your business. This creates rich backlinks. Manage your customer responses and therefore, reputation online with prompt and customer-centric replies.


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