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Four Mistakes to Avoid While Facebook Marketing

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If you own a business, we can say with absolute clarity that Facebook marketing features somewhere at the top of your social media marketing strategy. If not, it should. The site garners an average traffic of up to 800 million each day, with the count also reaching a milestone of 1 billion on the 24th of August this year. Even if you manage to entice a small percentage of the crowd that Facebook is a hub for, your business can see a manifold growth.

This is precisely why countless businesses make a conscious choice of using Facebook to boost their enterprises’ revenue. While there are countless examples of a perfectly-run promotional campaign, the number of campaigns that fail due to a lack of understanding of the core social marketing principles and ideas are on the rise too.

These campaigns usually make some rather easily avoidable mistakes that can have severe repercussions, which can impede their strategy.

Here are a few general mistakes you must avoid in your next attempt to improve your brand image.

1. Using “Boost Post” Feature A Little Too Much

You might already know that boosting a post is a pretty easy task: a click of a button and it’s done; you will have reached a much larger audience than your regular posts. But careless use of the “boost post” feature can have a negative impact on some of the quality posts you are trying to get across to your well-targeted audience. But how do you overcome this? It’s simple. Repost some of your best articles every few weeks, so that newer audiences can come across it. This will also curb you tugging at your advertising budget often.

2. Posting More Times Than Necessary

It is obvious that as a social media manager, you can get very excited about all the strategies you can use to improve your business. You may even overindulge and post a little too often, thinking that you can reach more people by doing so. But the reality is you are abusing the privilege by posting too much too soon, which results in you reducing the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. In order to remedy this mistake, make sure you maintain a stringent schedule and post new things on a timely basis.

3. Reporting Rather Than Engaging

For a business to be run through Facebook, it is imperative that you build and maintain a rapport with your audience. Picture yourself “reporting” a particular breaking news story, you’d post it on your wall in the hopes of a great better response because the topic is trending but in reality the reaction you get is underwhelming. So to make sure you just aren’t reporting, whenever you post something, make sure to customise your content in such a way that your fans feel the urge to make their opinion known. This is how you engage your patrons and followers.

4. Not Staying True To Your Brand

Suppose your business revolves around the selling of shoes, all the content you come up with should then refer to shoes. You need to stay true to your brand and product so that you can make visiting users stop and take notice. So, always plan ahead on what you want and make sure to have a sound content strategy in hand, something that incorporates your brand the best way it can.

These are some of the basic mistakes that most of social media strategists make. So in order to get the most out of your marketing campaign, adopt a plan that focuses on what your customers want to see from your brand and build from there.


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