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Get On The Influencer Marketing Bandwagon in 2019

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Influencer marketing is incorporating traditional methods of celebrity endorsement with social media marketing. Influencers generally have a huge fan-base online. They have the power and influence purchasing of their followers. Their opinion and suggestions are highly valued by their followers. Before you begin a new influencer marketing campaign, there are several trends to be aware of.  

The Rise of Influencer Marketing 

With most of the population that consumes media shifting to the Internet and social media, it is a wise investment to spend your media spend here . Influencers have the social following, and if their audience aligns with your product, investing in influencer marketing promotion is worth your time and money. 

Micro Influencers is the Way to Go

Influencers with about 10,000 followers are more approachable and interactive. So, that platform seems like a place where the audience is heard and responded to. They’re also more affordable than mega-influencers. 

Trust in Transparency 

Everybody wants to know what’s behind the scenes. A brand and an influencer are more trusted when all the information about their collaboration has been disclosed. One way to do that is for influencers to mention the hashtags – #ad, #nameofthebrand, #sponsored. That way the audience knows it’s honest and conspicuous. 

Do Not Be Blinded By Supremacy of Instagram 

Although Instagram has a constantly rising user base, one should not sideline the other existing or blooming platforms of social media. Snapchat and Facebook may have lost popularity but they still have a significant number of users that comprise a huge audience. Blogs have also been gaining popularity lately.     

True Followers  

Influencers may tend to increase their number of followers through both services and automation. Before fully trusting an influencer, one must properly check the influencer-follower authenticity.


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