Google Adwords: Everything You Need to Know 

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Marketers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to appeal and reach the customers. Google, always being a few steps ahead has Google Adwords in place for all those who want to market their products/services through Google.  

There are also many other platforms associated with Google where the ads can be hosted. With many trials, the most efficient and critical factors are taken into account in the making of Google Adwords. Being in the 21st century, this is a technology that everyone must be aware of. 

What Is Google Adwords? 

It is typically an online advertising program that was made to help businesses target their audience. They can create web advertisements and to display their ad; they will have to compete. You can choose everything from the budget of your ad to the location where you want it to be displayed. It will evaluate the response and get you details on the impact your ad has created. The amount you want to invest in your ad is for you to decide.  

With the development of technology, many changes were made to it in the subsequent years. The ads can now even be viewed on a phone or a tablet as well.  


The basic strategy that it works on is pay-per-click (PPC). Auctions are run by Google to select which ad goes up in a given page. Based on your objective, you will have to choose a bidding strategy. 

Cost-per-click: If your focus is to get more people to click on your ad and increase the traffic to your website, this is the right one for you. 

Cost-per-impression: This one focuses on the number of times your ad is shown. If you are looking to create a positive brand image, go for this strategy.  

Cost-per-acquisition: This one is related to the conversion rates of the customers. If you are an already established company, you can use this method to promote products and increase your sales. 

Quality Score 

This refers to the quality of your ad. It measures the ad to see if it is beneficial to the customers and if it takes them to the right page. If your quality score is high, your ad will most likely win the bid too. The higher the quality of your ad, the better it is for your company. The factors that determine this score are the click-through-rate, ad performance, and relevance of the ad. 

Ad Rank 

This is another crucial part of Google Adwords. This rank determines if you win the bid or not. It is dependent on the bid amount and the quality score. All the ads that you see on Google are those with a high Ad rank. The top one gets the best place while the rest get the remaining available spaces.  

Ad Rank= Quality Score* Bid 


  • The system is flexible and provides with a lot of strategies and suggestions to make your marketing campaign a success.  
  • The measurements and the analysis done by the software is highly accurate, and you can expect results soon.  
  • Google being the most popular platform, gives you access to reach your audience more efficiently.  
  • If you are working on a budget, Google Adwords is the best platform for you to use. You get to decide your budget when you set up an Ad.  

Google Adwords has gained wide popularity over the last few years. With most business using it, you can also think of getting your ads to the customer through this program.

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