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How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

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Social media posts are all about driving attention and gaining an audience, leads and viewership. These posts help your businesses to navigate their position in the market. These are the things you should keep in mind when it comes to posting on these social media platforms in a day. 

Facebook posts are extremely valuable for your business since almost every social media user have their presence over there. Facebook users always prefer posts that are personalized and add value to them. Hence you should schedule your posts in that way.  

How often should you post on Facebook in a day? 

It is always recommended that you post once in a day. To the maximum, it could be 2 posts in a day. Above that, it may seem like spam. All you need to make sure is that the post is extremely professional with a bit of personal touch.  

How Many Tweets should you post in a day for your Business? 

Twitter is all about interactive, shorter posts that gain more attraction. The posts could be in the format of image, video or plain tweets. They are widely accepted by many. Twitter is all about gaining the audience attraction within a short span of time. Buffer informs us that to the maximum, you should post about three tweets in a day. Neil Patel suggests that if you are looking forward to gaining business attraction, then you should post a minimum of 1-5 tweets and a maximum of 50 tweets and more. Live tweeting events often warrants more tweets.  

How Many Times To Pin On Pinterest Per Day? 

Infographics, tips and how-to’s…yes, your guess is accurate! It’s all that defines Pinterest. This platform is used by students, research scholars and businesses alike. To answer your question on how many times you should post in a day, then it is 11 Pins on a single day. The highest could be 30 pins in a single day. The lowest could be 3 pins. Apart from sharing fresh content, you can also share pins of others. Adobe suggests you pin at least 4-10 pins per day to gain traction. 

How Many Times should you post on LinkedIn in a single day? 

LinkedIn is a platform where you find professionals with varied experience and knowledge. It is the best place to establish your business. When it comes to LinkedIn, less is more. The more professional and curt you sound, the more you gain. LinkedIn algorithm prefers to post only once in a day. DowSocial suggests you post daily but does not provide a definite number. They suggest that posting daily would help you to stay connected with your followers. You should see that your followers are not finding your posts overwhelming or repetitive. 

How Often in a day should you post when you are online on Instagram? 

Instagram is all about images, stories and video ads. It is the best place to keep your customers and audience engaged. When you are going to post on Instagram, you have to post a maximum of 3 posts in a day and a minimum of 1 post in a day. The recommended number is in between 1-2. 

Adobe suggests that consistency is the key to success on Instagram. They let us know that posting 10 posts in a day is also completely fine. 

What’s more? All you have to do is to set a team and start working on your social media posts. With consistency and user-oriented approach, you will be able to gain a consistent number of the audience or leads for your business based on what your goals are. These would improve your business consistency and improve your brand value invariably. 


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