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How to Ensure Social Media Safety

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Sam is a social media enthusiast. His password was a simple ‘123456A’. His username was ‘Admin1’. Previously, it was Admin and 123456. Since Social media platforms have set a rule to include special characters, alphabets and numbers in their password, he had changed it this way.  

He used the same password for all his accounts. Since his password was too easy to remember, he did not care to enable two-way authentication or any other recovery methods like setting up security questions.  

One day, he found his email and social media account password changed. He found some obscure tweets and posts which he had definitely not posted. His friends started questioning his sanity. Someone else was using his account. Obviously, his account was hacked. It contained all the important details including his confidential business data, bank statements among others. He panicked! He straightaway filed a complaint. 

When the cybersecurity team was able to regain his account, the first thing they advised him was to set a strong password. “Don’t set your name, DOB or any other simple facts about you as your password. You are lavishing the hackers with a delightful treat if you do so. Using the same password for every social media account is like inviting danger to your doorstep.  

There is a reason why social media websites insist that we should include special characters, numbers and alphabets in our password with a minimum of 6 characters. It is for our own safety. 

We, humans, are ‘social’ animals. We are connected through various social media platforms. It is alarming that every 39 seconds, there is a hacker attack. Here are 7 simple steps to stay and play safely on social media. 

Choose people whom you know 

There are billions of people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We don’t know how many of them are fake. In the year 2018, Facebook has announced that it has shut down nearly 1.2 billion fake accounts. There are still many, mind it! So be careful while choosing to accept a request. 

Be cautious while clicking those links 

Not all links are safe, especially those claiming to find your soul mate and true friend. Hence think twice before you click. 

Don’t reveal your whereabouts 

“I am off to LA! Will be back in 7 days”. Not everyone needs to know where you are moving and what you are doing at the moment. Hence keep your private details like phone number, account number and home address private. 

Use anti-virus Software 

Make sure to protect your computer using antivirus software. Also ensure that your browser, operating system, and software are kept up to date. Log off before you log in the next time. 

Log off before you log in 

This is a common mistake committed by almost every users. If you are not going to log off while using common computers, then chances are high that the next user would be able to access your system. 

Educate your kids on social media safety 

If you have kids who are active on social media, let them know the pros and cons of using each platform. Teach them to use it productively so they knew how to safeguard themselves from cybercriminals. 

In this current situation, it is important that you stay safe by enabling the best cyber practices. 


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