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Latest SEO Trends to Follow for 2019 

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2018 saw the dawn of inevitable SEO options such as mobile-first index and the death of poor quality content. It was the year when digital marketers realized the value of SEO and quality.  

Taking the legacy forward to 2019, what are all the latest trends that are twinkling in the world of SEO? Here is a sneak-peak into what is going to dominate SEO in 2019.

Voice Search is Here To Stay

Some 3 to 4 years back, if you are going to voice search “Where is my nearby restaurant?” Google would show up “Car showrooms near me”. Now it’s not the case. You get the map, location, highest rated restaurants topping the list with customer reviews at an instant. The voice search has turned more accurate. According to Neil Patel, by 2020, voice and image-based searches are expected to take over half of all the internet searches. Hence Voice Search should not be taken so lightly and businesses should work on optimizing their website for voice search, which will leave a positive impact on their website ranking.

Machine Learning is Watching You

In a nutshell, RankBrain is Google’s machine learning system which measures the searcher’s interaction level with their results pages. It is what determines your website ranking taking content and bank link quality into consideration. If you are able to optimize your organic click-through rates, prioritize high ranking, top 5 keywords with CTR below 10%, add more appealing titles and description tags, then you are all set to go!

Understanding Your Audience Matters

Every industry has a different set of audiences. For example, the website design and content for beauty products might not fit for the aviation industry. The tone, strategy and of course keywords vary industry to industry. “Tomorrow’s high-ranking website is all about the audience”, said Julia McCoy, CEO of Express Writers, while talking about the SEO trends of 2019. Hence SEO invariably depends upon how you optimize your website according to your target audience.

Invest in Technical SEO

Website complexity is at jet pace as usual, true. Hence this 2019, major SEO experts request you to invest notably in technical SEO. Major key focus areas should be on technical aspects such as Speed, Checking HTTPS and XML Sitemap Status, Progressive Web Apps and ensuring your website is mobile-friendly. Since mobile-first index has arrived, your website should definitely be smarter for better ranking.

Ultimately, Content is King

Many SEO experts have predicted that in 2019, content marketing will predominantly rise to rule SEO. There will be demand for quality contents which will pave way for influencer marketing, brand building and storytelling, to attract a mass audience. Without proper content, it is almost impossible to reach your target audience. Hence, with even pea-sized budget and quality content, SEO analysts will be able to work wonders in 2019. 
There are also traits such as GDPR and penalties for spammers. 2019 is expected to be the end-year of click baits, which continued to annoy users in 2018.  

What do you think? Are you excited about the new trends in SEO?  


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