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Digital Marketing trends that took 2015 by storm

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With the year almost drawing to a close, it’s time to look into the trends that shook digital marketing to the core. They were efficient, positive, assertive, and produced positive results. While you can never predict when they might go out of trend, or when a new player might just swoop in as a replacement, they’ve been faithful to marketers and helped them perk up their brands.

Here they are:

1. Blog-ed!

While some see blogs as a hobby, marketers see it as an important source of content. Almost a majority of them rate blogs ahead of other content—video, images, and podcasts. Why? They’re informative and provide substantial information to address an issue of a customer. And how does this impact a business? Well, for starters, clicks turn into traffic; traffic convert into leads, and voilà, you ultimately have sales. But, the blog post must be ventured with utmost caution because persistent blog posts that tag customers out of a domain can be listed as spam. And you wouldn’t want that at all.

2. All recorded

You must be familiar with a 20 to 30-second advertisement right before your favourite video on channels like Youtube. Well, marketers are fond of exploiting the video segment for advertising their brand/enterprise because the traffic on such websites is insane. The numbers of viewers on these channels are peaking on a daily basis, and marketers see this as an excellent opportunity to convert these visitors into potential leads.

3. The social media supplement

Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, BuzzFeed, and Twitter; these are just a few social media pools people immerse themselves into on a daily basis. And marketers see this as an opportune moment to cast their lines to hook customers to supplement the popularity of their brand(s).

4. Cellular advertisements

Some of you might scoff at the sudden pop-up of a brand right before you open a page. They get on your nerves, don’t they? But the science behind such pop-ups are nothing short of a marketing bait. And these pop-ups are truly beneficial to brands. After all, the transition of PC/laptop users into cellular is happening at lightning speed. And mobile advertisements are just a parcel you’ll have to bear with if you so dearly love your pocket gizmo.

5. The creative bunch

Okay, you might be a viewer of videos and posts by brands but how often do you take a step forward and create content on your own? Well, there are individuals in the market today who create engaging content for viewers. And marketers have capitalized on this by advertising their content besides those delivered by bloggers. They know that the blogger is going to have visitors, so they supplement their content with their own. Brilliant! Truly brilliant!

6. The tempting click

So, you’re reading a post or watching a video but you get distracted by a flashy post beside it, or a pop-up appears out of nowhere and grabs your attention. It tempts you because, well, it’s too good to miss. This tempting click is one introduced by marketers on social media websites or blog-posts that supplement their sales.

These are but a few of the strategies employed by digital marketers to boost their sales/traffic. Have you ever come across any? Now do you know how it works? Be sure to use them if you do have your very own business. And don’t worry if they’re old school because some things never change!

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