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How To Use Trending Social Media Marketing Tools Like Snapchat and Instagram

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If you have a consumer base that has a strong presence on social media, it has become increasingly important to understand and connect with them virtually.

Traditional social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and personal blogs have been around for almost a decade or so. It’s the recent and upcoming platforms like Snapchat and Instagram that you need to catch up on, since they’ve been garnering huge interest over the past year.

Here are a few ways to use these latest ‘picture-sharing’ platforms to get the social media exposure you need.


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Instagram is a picture-sharing social media platform that focuses predominantly on the image and the caption that is added to it. “Followers” comment, like, and as of recently, share the pictures of the ones they follow.


Instagram is all about aesthetics! It is important to have a feed that is pleasant to look at, so the images you share should be fun, relevant, and interesting.


It’s important to make your consumers feel like they’re a part of you. By sharing videos of your workplace and your processes, you make them feel included and important.


Just like Twitter, Instagram uses hashtags. These enable people to find other users who are sharing similar photos.

If possible, create a unique hashtag for yourself and ask your followers to send in pictures with that hashtag. This will help increase your audience base and also give you monopoly over the hashtag, which is always beneficial.


You should re-post the pictures shared by your followers where they have tagged your brand. Another great trick is to share the content your followers send you, which further engages them and garners their loyalty.


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Snapchat is king amongst younger consumers. If your demographic is between 13 to 18 years of age then Snapchat is for you! Here are a few ways to reach out to consumers on Snapchat.


This is the most important aspect to keep in mind! Content that you upload lasts only 24 hours, so when you upload becomes important in order to maximize the response.


What you show in the 10 seconds that you have is very important. If it isn’t engaging, important, or doesn’t urge the user to give an immediate response, they’ll ignore it. Sharing coupon codes and other immediate incentives are likely to go a long way.


Since there is no like, comment, or share option, the real challenge is interacting with the consumers. Ask them to send in snapchats of themselves completing a challenge, for example, in exchange for coupons and limited offers.

Connect Your Networks

Since there is no direct way to connect your Snapchat with other social media, use Facebook or Twitter to let your followers know that there’s a special code available for discount. Then reveal the code on Snapchat to keep your audience engaged.

These tips will help you use multiple social media platforms and ensure that you stay relevant and engaged with your consumers.

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