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Professional Marketing Videos Will Take You A Long Way

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Trying to make your video look professional is more about how it’s done rather than what’s being used. One may think, a professional looking video can only be made with expensive equipment. It is really just the right use of the technique. Here are a few handy tips to keep in mind to produce a professional looking video. 


A well-lit video enhances the quality of the video by half. Even to show dark spaces, proper soft lighting should be used in order to give the effect desired. Excessive use of shadows and multi-coloured lighting is distracting. The sun is the best source for outdoor shoots. 


A clean background, or cleanliness in general, represents professionalism. A shabby background area just looks unprofessional and amateurish. Any plain surface works. For example, a wall or a plain bedsheet. 


A shaky video looks unprofessional. To avoid shakiness, use a tripod, film from a stationary surface or allow someone who has a firm and steady hold to shoot.  

The Rule of Thirds 

Following the rule of thirds means shooting the video through an imaginative 3 by 3 grid. The points where the lines intersect are prime areas of focus. One can shoot with their object on the point of intersection for the most impact.  


Using one angle only to shoot a video makes the video a very one dimensional. Using a variety, of angles helps keep the viewer engaged. 


Using appropriate and crisp music or sound makes the video more effective. Grainy audios don’t deliver content of quality.  

Hire a Professional! 

If one is ready to splurge and knows how important the project is, one should just hire a professional and learn!


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