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Reasons to Setup an E-commerce Website

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Whether you are just considering the idea of setting up a local store to sell your own products or you are an established brick & mortar store thinking of acquiring a wider reach, an e-commerce website should be one of your first steps. 

Just a Few Advantages of Selling Online

  • Right now, customers expect a webstore even for local businesses 
  • Setting up an online store helps you easily expand your market reach 
  • According to the US Small Business Administration, businesses that have an online presence outperform those with just traditional stores 
  • There are numerous automated webstore setup platforms available like Shopify, Magento, Neocart etc. 
  • You can start an online store at the fraction of the cost and time of setting up a physical store in your neighborhood 
  • With just a few good photographs of your products and good descriptions, you are ready to stock your online shop with products- no bother about floor layouts and shelves 

Not confident about how to do all this? Call Vilampara Media.

Vilampara Media

We are among the top E-commerce Development and Digital Marketing Agencies in Toronto. We know and understand your needs. As a team, we will work with you every single step of the way- from setting up your online store to driving targeted traffic to your website. 

In today’s online marketplace, you need to be customer focused to win. Right from designing an appealing look and feel for your website with an easy to use User Interface, to designing a unique customer experience, we will help you address the customer and engage with them successfully. 

  • We work closely with you to get your inputs and guide you on the best practices 
  • Help you pick the appropriate ecommerce development platform  
  • Research your business, your specific marketplace, your target customers, the competition in your sector, and come up with the ideal design and marketing plans 
  • Design, setup and test your registrations, login facilities for ease of use and simplicity 
  • Map out your navigation, buttons, and menu design and placements for easy use 
  • Help you create product images and descriptions for everything you sell in a way that attracts customers 
  • Setup site searches to help customers find specific products 
  • Design responsive websites that load quickly on any device for mobile shoppers 
  • We will help you display your products in the best way that suits your business model 
  • Put together a focus group that will test every aspect of the website design and operation 
  • Install your Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate 
  • Set up pricing, secure payment processes and delivery systems 
  • Implement and fine tune your webstore SEO 
  • Design and setup marketing campaigns through email, ads, etc. 
  • Integrate your web store operations with ERP system 

At Vilampara Media we have years of experience in e-commerce design and digital marketing. We can set up your beautiful, highly functional webstore quickly and can also help drive quality traffic to your website to help you acquire more customers as you begin your journey online.


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