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Content marketing has been big and the market is becoming saturated due to its grand success. Now the question is, how do you make your content unique to your audience? What kind of content will work with your audiences?

Generally all content types will fall into videos, audio, image, and written categories. Within these categories, there are numerous content types that are considered good to grab your audience’s undisturbed attention.

  1. Blogs
  2. Explainer podcasts
  3. How To Videos
  4. Micro blogs
  5. Resource Sections

As a content marketing agency in Toronto, we can help you with all of these and more.





What is a content strategy?

A content strategy is one that will help in guiding you to develop future content against a definite business goal. Creating content without a tailored strategy leads to generic content which does not attract any audience. Generic content lacks originality and does not succeed in reaching out to people. Therefore, it is very essential that every content piece should be delivered as part of a pre-established content strategy.

As Michael Brenner quoted “A content strategy flips the tables on traditional, linear marketing by defining the process and then securing the right resources for producing a consistent stream of content mapped to buyer needs across all phases of the buying cycle”

What is a content plan?

It can be simply described as the right content provided to the right user at the right time.

Content plan is a marketing strategy that drafts the creation, delivery and aggregation of suitable content. Implementing a content plan is essential for supplementing unique and indexable content with different forms for different customers while projecting the needs of the people.

There are three core content marketing plans and they are:

  1. The use of emotional and relatable stories to inspire your audience.
  2. Educating your target audience with useful content.
  3. Creating spectacular content to entertain your captive audience.

You should learn to develop a remarkable content plan so that your content is able to engage your intended audience while meeting your pre-planned goals

How do you write a good blog

The businesses in Toronto are advancing rapidly when it comes to adopting to online marketing. It can become quite challenging for a content writer in Toronto to come up with useful and engaging content on a regular basis. These basic and simple points will help you in getting started.

What is an explainer video?

An animated explainer video should focus on explaining your marketing campaign in an engaging manner, while using simple language. Explainer videos should be attractive, which will help in grabbing your user’s undivided attention.
They should also be:

  1. Come up with an attractive title and opening paragraph.
  2. Ensure that you are addressing a target audience.
  3. Build their trust by providing them with valuable information.
  4. Let your content desire action from your audience.
  5. Be informative.

Your titles should be catchy – that will compel your readers to act upon an action after reading your content.

What is a podcast?

It is an audio show that is stretched across a course of episodes. You can download podcasts from the Internet and listen to them either on your computer or your MP3 player. Podcasts are widely available on the Internet. It usually has a format similar to that of a radio or television show. An Internet podcast star can potentially reach a much larger audience than any traditional radio personality ever could. With potential numbers in the millions it’s easy to see why there is so much hype behind the technology and many business folks eager to get behind it. Podcasts and blogs are leading a new content distribution revolution.

How do I use video content to drive more engagement?

There are various ways for you to approach your social media video content. We are a digital marketing agency in Toronto, here to help you in the field of video marketing. It is quite evident that video content has taken the social media world by storm. Video content is an ideal way to convey the story behind your brand. It can serve in promoting your brand growth by driving engagement because people are much more likely to watch a video than read an article or a blog post. With today’s fast internet speeds, there are no deterrents for customers to hit that play button and get started on watching a video.

We, one of the prominent marketing agencies Toronto will help you communicate your brand to an established audience, showcase your product and connect with your customers, by giving you the ability to create engaging videos.

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