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Mobile App Development

Our mobile experts will start working on developing and creating your custom mobile apps right away. We’ll design apps with full functionality, and that work across multiple platforms.

Native App Development

  • Native iOS Development
  • Native Android Development

We offer custom app development in both native iOS and Android. Our apps are crafted to ensure a user friendly interface with seamless functionality.

App UI and UX Design
We think of the bigger picture, and we’ll incorporate your product strategy and development in the creation process. We’ll take care of it all: ideation, wireframes, user flows, UI and UX design.

UX Design

UI Design



How to come up with a concept for mobile app?

With the onset of multiple inventions and technologies, an individual’s ideas can be converted into high-end profitable ventures like mobile apps. It is quite easy to come up with your own mobile app concept by following these simple steps:

  • Explore that one dominant idea that you wish to pursue
  • Conduct surveys and market research
  • Recognize your target audience
  • Identify your brand name
  • App development
  • Market your app through different ways targeting your audience

Our mobile app developers in Toronto are regarded as the best coders, articulate and communicative. Whether it is web app development, iOS app development and/or Android app development, we’ve got you covered.

What is UX design and Development?

The UX (User Experience) design determines the user’s overall experience while using a product. It definitely impacts your app’s success. An experienced UX designer performs thorough research before start building the wireframes. Then a prototype is built based on the wireframes. A user testing is conducted using the prototype. After inputting the results from the user testing, the UX designer will pass the development process on to a UI designer. Mobile apps without a proper UX design don’t succeed in user acquisition. Our UX Designers in Toronto office are committed to ensuring a significant amount of resources are allocated to developing a through UX Design. There are numerous strikingly designed apps that are equipped with seamless UX design to magnify their conversion performance.

What is UI design and development?

The UI (User Interface) is an essential part of any application design. Its main focus is on tangible products. It emphasizes on the mobile app presentation. UI is all about attractive visual designs that helps in grabbing the user’s attention. As a digital marketing agency in Toronto, we are big on using both UX/UI designs to keep our users undivided attention. The entire UI of your mobile app design should be uniform. It will provide users to identify the usage pattern with ease all through the app. A fair balance between both UI and UX design on your mobile app will help you attract more traffic and also provide your users a captivating experience.

What platform should I choose to build the app on? iOS, Android or Web?

You have the liberty to choose one platform from either iOS and Android or build your app on both. In 2017, the Android operating system’s global market share was well over 86%. However, iOS still holds 56% of the market share in the US. Therefore it makes sense to introduce the app in a platform that is better suited for your target market. In addition, an app’s first stage contributes to a crucial amount of learning about what’s working and what’s not. Application of all these learnings over two platforms can be concluded as cost and time prohibitive.

On the other hand, statistics show that iPhone users are more likely to spend almost three times more than Android users on an E-Commerce site. Hence, the requirement for iOS app developers is seemingly high in numbers for E-Commerce purposes.

What is the best programming language for app development?

Different operating systems run on different programming languages. To choose the best programming language might seem to you like an easy and uncomplicated decision, but the programming language that you select for your mobile app can be the difference between a grand outcome and a big failure.

While Java and C++ are some languages used to code for Android, iOS uses languages such as Objective C and Swift for app development. We would suggest you let our app developers Toronto give you the recommendations based on your vision for your app.

What do I do after launching an app?

If you want your app to be a hit against the exceedingly growing market of the app world, follow these steps to learn what you should do after you launch your app.

  1. Market your app to your target market
  2. Implement strategies to retain your current users
  3. Address the feedback you have received on your app
  4. Be attentive to your feature usage
  5. Be aligned with your user’s needs
  6. Attain the right users
  7. Enhance your User Interface
  8. Objectify your app experience

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