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Our Social Media Marketing Package is great for any small business looking to have an active online presence. We at Vilampara Media can take care of your entire social media marketing for you while you focus on turning your leads into customers.


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20 Unique posts per month!!

All posts are customized for your brand.

2 Relevant blog posts

Researched and written specifically for your brand and audiences.

Graphic Design

Royalty-free images, custom designs with logo, profile/cover photo updates.

Communication & Engagement

Review monitoring, message responding, spam monitoring, hashtags research.

What is unique about social media marketing?

Social media marketing is an essential segment that assists in gaining success in the field of marketing. Social media helps in generating tremendous exposure for any brand. In the recent times, social networking has become a pivotal aspect of every marketing program.

Social media marketing companies embrace the merits of social media channels to gain visibility for their brand. If you are launching social media marketing in Toronto, you should ensure that it helps in increasing inbound leads. Good social media marketing also increases awareness of brands and enhances search engine rankings that help in gaining higher visibility. As a marketing agency in Toronto we are aware of the increasingly competitive online channels. Therefore we put forward cost effective campaigns that help in gaining valuable leads from the target market.

What is the best social media marketing platform?

There is no single best social media marketing platform out there. Rather, there are different social media platforms that are used by different sets of consumers for different purposes. This means that your marketing efforts can be more targeted, depending on your choice of social media marketing platforms.

Currently there are many social media platforms in use. You must choose the right platform for your business in order for the social media marketing to be effective. LinkedIn is great if you are targeting business customers. If you are targeting the youth, Snapchat or Instagram may be a relevant choice. If you are planning to create ‘How to’ videos, consider uploading your videos on to YouTube. Facebook on the other hand has users across a wide variety of age groups.

How can social media promote your products?

Social media platforms are the most simple and convenient means to promote your products. We, as a social media marketing agency, help in exposing your products to thousands of people. Social media helps you communicate directly with your customers and gain product feedback.

The steps to follow in promoting your product on a social media platform include:

  • Select the right social networking site to promote your product
  • Create your goals like increasing revenue or brand awareness
  • Invite friends to join your channel
  • Blog about your product or service and share relevant links on your social media channel
  • Create and post a videos explaining your product
  • Create a calendar to post your blogs and other engaging content on your social media channels on a regular basis

Why is social media important for businesses?

The importance of social media for business purposes are many.

To point out a few of them:

  • Helps businesses know their target audience and customers better. Social media analytics can help point out customer behavior patterns that businesses might be ignorant about.
  • Improve customer service and gain valuable feedback. Social media functions in real-time and therefore customers don’t hesitate to contact businesses directly through social media. An effective social media strategy will incorporate customer service in it, giving the business the advantage of being perceived as trustworthy and responsive.
  • Helps in strong relationship building and generating leads. With social media, you are constantly creating content that builds a relationship with your target audience. This can lead to these connections converting to leads over a period of time, if not immediately.

How do you begin social media marketing?

We are amongst the top social media marketing companies in Toronto to help you understand the digital marketing world. The following steps will guide you further in starting off your social media marketing:

  • Set up your social media marketing goals. Ask yourself what you want to achieve. Are you trying to generate leads? Are you using social media as a form of customer service? Do you want to engage existing customers and improve loyalty? The answers to these questions will largely determine how your social media marketing will be carried out.
  • Plan out your resourcing. You need to know who is going to maintain the social media channels, create content, and be the face of your brand on social media platforms. You need to ensure you have the right people or agency on board to help do these things for you.
  • Study your target audience. You need to know what your target audience likes, dislikes, what kind of information they are looking for, what they like talking about etc to create a social media marketing plan that works in your favor. This way you can create content that will be useful for your target audience that they will find interesting as well.

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