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Video Production

Video advertisements are what sells on social media. People just prefer to watch a video than read text. Think about how many videos you’ve seen on social media yourself. We create custom, unique video advertisements that can be shared to your social media channels with ease. We optimize them so that they fit various social media channels, and work with you to design a video you will be happy with.





What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing evolved as a marketing strategy that incorporates captivating videos into your business endeavours. It promotes sales and conversions. Your customers would prefer watching a video of your product rather than reading elaborate descriptions of products or services.

Videos help increase your brand’s search engine rankings. Videos are considered to associate strongly with smartphone users. We are a digital marketing agency Toronto and we are here to help you to understand the value of video marketing in your marketing campaigns. Video marketing can be used for developing your rapport with customers to advertise your services, brand and products. In addition to that, video marketing can serve as a medium to present how-to’s, promote live-stream events, deliver entertaining content as well as customer testimonials.

How should small business use video content?

Video content can serve you as an SEO gold mine. Videos help build backlinks to your website, promoting shares and likes. This will have a positive effect on your search rankings by driving your targeted audience to your website. We are among the leading video production companies Toronto and will guide you in understanding why it is essential for you to use video content to share your brand story.

Businesses can use video content for the following purposes:

  1. To introduce your business
  2. Showcase features of your product/service
  3. Educate your target audience through How-to videos
  4. Get customer testimonials / endorsements
  5. Showcase your company culture through company culture videos
  6. Reach your customers through Video blogging

Creating animated videos for businesses

Animated videos are engaging instruments that can help in telling your brand story. They are a great way to introduce your application to potential users. When your startup is in the early stages, you can avoid showcasing your office or your employees by using an animation video instead. With a large number of videos trying to gain the users’ attention, it is becoming difficult for companies to cut through the clutter. Animated explainer videos help in simplifying your complex topics. While it is fun, an animation fits in to easily convey almost any topic.

A generic explainer video will not be of any help. This is where creating animated videos makes sense. Internet users tend to be less attentive and will only spend a limited amount of time on a video or an article. Moreover, it becomes difficult to explain complicated products and services through a traditional video format. This is where animated videos score over traditional ones. They have the ability to explain complex content while keeping the viewer engaged at the same time.

What is an explainer video?

An animated explainer video should focus on explaining your marketing campaign in an engaging manner, while using simple language. Explainer videos should be attractive, which will help in grabbing your user’s undivided attention.
They should also be:

  • Educational as well as informative
  • Generally explaining what your brand has to offer to its users
  • How they can help the users with their problem
  • Why your product is the best option that is in the market

The use of animated characters in your explainer videos is generally to provide a fun touch that creates a sound bond with your viewers.

What Is Hyperlocal Video Content?

Your viewers can easily get bored of generic content while going through your brand’s social media. Hyperlocal videos are videos that portray content in a localized or geographically-specific format. Hyperlocal video content can easily break the monotony of generic content in your marketing campaigns, especially when you are targeting a certain area or region. When you serve viewers with hyperlocal video content, you connect with them at a deeper level and are more relevant to them, when compared to brands that showcase a one-size-fits-all video on their site.

Leading marketing agencies Toronto such as ours can help you in creating hyperlocal videos for your business by bringing out the essence of a neighbourhood or a city into the video script, giving you an effective hyperlocal video that resonates amongst a geographically specific audience.

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