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Which Social Media Should I Use for My Business? 

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Social media was considered a nuisance to people, believing that it was a waste of time and a fad that would pass. But the fact is that, with most of the world on social media, it is a great place to reach out to customers. An online presence is absolutely crucial. Owning a social media page is vital for any business today 

Most companies may be focusing on just one social media presence. But with the user base using multiple platforms, your business has little choice in that. Having profiles on various platforms and integrating them is the best way to go about it.  

Benefits of Social Media 

There are many benefits of having social media accounts.  

  • Social media is a direct line of communication with the customers.  
  • You can get authentic reviews and feedback from them.  
  • Directing to your website from social media pages are a lot easier.  
  • You can learn a lot more about your audience and introduce your brand to a larger set of people.  
  • Companies that have social media accounts have higher rankings.  
  • Your business can stay more relevant and modern if it is active on social media pages.  

Social Media Platforms for Businesses 

Here are a few social media pages that your company should consider opening active accounts in:  


Facebook has the highest number of active users. Therefore, creating a page for your business on Facebook should be your first step. This is a great place for B2B organizations to communicate. Customer reviews on your product or service can we received on Facebook. Facebook has a mixture of both textual and visual content, making it a fascinating platform.  


This fast-paced platform brings new trends every day. It’s an excellent place for quick question-answers and so a right way of collecting customer feedback. Well, there are options to share visual content. It’s the short text updates that make this platform unique.  


Every business out there needs to have a LinkedIn profile. This platform is purely for professionals making connections. You can get in touch with other business people and meet new business contacts. It also has functions that include group interactions and blogging. It is a great place to share professional ideas.  


This is a platform that is purely focused on visual media. This is a great option for companies that provide visual services. Get the best of designers and come up an innovative picture for people to follow your website.  


Video traffic accounts for most of the customer activity. YouTube is an excellent place for augmenting interactions, increasing followers, and receiving feedback. If you do succeed in making creative videos, it gets better for your brand.  

Social media plays a huge role in influencing customers. A strong social media campaign can attract loads of clients to your store. The data collected can be used to understand the needs of customers and bring about the latest trends. Communicating with buyers will give your business an insight into their requirements.  

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