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What You Need To Know About The Types Of Video Content Marketing

What You Need To Know About The Types Of Video Content Marketing

Customers are always looking to be educated about their buying decisions; there are millions of choices out there. So, how do you influence a customer to buy your product and/or service? How do you create content that will boost your sales?

That’s where video content marketing comes in.

What Is Video Marketing?

Videos are ideal marketing tools tools that explain ideas and concepts, increase audience retention, and cause an increase of 97% in purchase intent.

Video content marketing is attractive, engaging, and effective at converting viewers into customers. Videos educate your customers and encourage them to make purchase decisions quicker and faster.

52% of marketers believe that video marketing is effective for brand awareness (WowMakers). 65% of businesses write a blog or two in a week, but deploy only a video per quarter. There’s a scope for a whole lot more of video content.

However, you must ask yourself a few questions once you decide on making a video:

  • What kind of videos are out there?
  • What kind would suit my business best?
  • What kind of videos should I create?

The type of content that goes into your video determines whether your buyer makes a purchase. Here are a few types of video content you can use in your marketing strategies:

  • Personalized Videos

When brands add a personal touch to their marketing videos, they make their audience feel special.

  • Demonstration Videos

At this stage, your potential customers are on the verge of making a purchase.

This is the point at which you can effectively convert potential leads. Here, potential customers will analyze your products’ features, advantages and disadvantages. An option for demo videos is a recorded screen share with narration and/or subtitles. A demo video typically runs up to 10 minutes.

  • 360° Experience Videos

360° videos are a novel concept that can provide a stunning new experience for your customers. Using E Commerce’s new darling, you can introduce product features, provide sneak peeks at a launch, and more.

Either way, you are bound to convert purchase leads into actual purchases.

  • Animation Videos

With animation, you get visual and emotional stimulation. YouTube has more than a billion users. Short, fun Youtube videos are just the thing to induce your customers to buy your product.

  • Testimonials

Testimonial videos showcase your product, and build trust and credibility among your users. You tell your buyers why people chose you over your competitors. Testimonials can be taken from anywhere: during a trade event, after a launch, etc. A little on the costly side, testimonial videos are still a must-have content form.

  • FAQ Videos

If your potential leads are looking for answers to any questions they may have before they buy, this is the place to quell their fears.

With 139% more brand impact, you should definitely opt for video content to hike sales and lead conversions significantly.

Short Videos—Your Best Bet At Online Content Marketing

Short Videos—Your Best Bet At Online Content Marketing

According to a study, a minute worth of video conveys roughly 1.8 million words. That’s the reason why videos are getting a lot of traction these days. Short videos are proving to be the best content marketing format and show clear results of performing better than text and images.

People want to watch engaging and fun content. They will always skip ads when given a choice. That’s why advertisers want to keep their content as short and crisp as possible. Currently, videos spanning 30-60 seconds work best on major platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos explain the product or service in a fun and entertaining way that users can enjoy.

In the case of start-ups, it’s becoming a popular choice. Animated explainer videos are currently the trend, since they’re pleasing to look at and easily consumed.

Shorter Attention Span

The attention span of users is shrinking by the day. On average, studies show that attention on a topic doesn’t last more than 8 seconds. That means there’s a time limit for every pitch you want to make. This can make or break your advertising. If you don’t win the user’s attention within those 8 seconds, then it’s a lost cause for advertisers and content creators.

Among all the formats of content, the video seems to perform best. The click-through rates (CTR) for videos are 80-100% higher than images. In spite of having a higher production cost compared to text and images, videos have much lower cost per click (CPC). So, it can be highly cost effective in the long run. It also has a much higher chance to convert leads to sales.

Snapchat users generally watch videos that are 2-3 seconds long. Advertisers have to come up with compelling content that works within seconds and engages audience within that short span.


Retention is the first task of a successful pitch. Getting the attention of the user and keeping them engaged is one of the most difficult tasks in advertising. Statistics show, the longer the time a user spends on a web page, the higher the chances of conversion.

SEO Tool

Content Marketing Toronto

Getting attention from users is one thing. Being visible on search results is equally important. That’s where SEO comes into the picture. Brands work hard on getting themselves ranked higher than competitors.

Videos rank higher than text. That makes them a powerful SEO tool. So it’s better to work on a video rather than text content filled with keywords.


The most popular approach to branding these days is storytelling. A fascinating and meaningful story conveys a lot of things in a short period. A brand’s culture, identity, core values, and theme can’t be put together using text in a short period of time. Videos do this by combining both visual and auditory elements. This weaves a story that can be both entertaining and informative. Beyond all of this, for any content to be successful, it should trigger an emotional response in the audience. It must connect with the user in such a way that they want to share it with their friends and family. Statistics show that videos and infographics top the list and are most likely to be shared.

Short crisp and impactful content is the foundation of digital marketing. Video is undoubtedly more powerful than other forms of content because of the visual impact that it has.


Generate A Larger Social Following With These 7 Tips

Generate A Larger Social Following With These 7 Tips

Starting a new business, a website or a blog? The key to success today is to have a ton of social media followers.

However, increasing your number of social followers is much easier said than done. A coordinated approach is essential to strengthen your social media presence and to keep your audience engaged.

If you are looking for practical and efficient methods to gain followers, here are seven useful tips:

1. Create an excellent profile

The first and foremost step is to create a profile that looks trustworthy and likeable. People decide to follow you in a split second, so make sure all your details are filled in, and your description is clear and precise. Don’t forget to add a link to your website and the official logo to add more authenticity to your avatar.

2. Promote, promote, promote!

Promote your website, blog or Facebook page wherever possible. Join different social networking sites and spread the word. Like the businesses of yesteryear that would put up fliers and publish print ads, you have to promote yourself online.

Social Media Followers

3. The importance of useful content

Sharing engaging content is crucial to get people to sit up and take notice. Boring them with details about your products and services won’t keep them engaged for too long. For example, if you run a restaurant then you could share some unique recipes rather than just listing the items on your menu.

4. The magic of visuals

Most people don’t read through the black and white text, but everyone notices a colourful graphic or photo. You don’t want to saturate your audience, so limit the number of pictures you share, but ensure that the quality is flawless.

Post photos of your team to add a human touch to your brand. Infographics are also a brilliant medium to share data and information in a clear and appealing way.

5. Easy to engage

Make sure that all your posts, emails, blog articles, ebooks and other content are accompanied by follow buttons of various social networks. People should be able to follow you with just a click.

Similarly, sharing your content should be just as easy for your followers, this will help you expand your audience each time they share a post with their friends.

6. Be quick to respond

Posting valuable content is important, but you should also engage with your followers. Participate in discussions, respond to questions and comments and take immediate action if you receive complaints. Acting in a timely manner will give your followers confidence that the brand is listening.

7. Conduct online contests

A fantastic way to drive traffic to your page is to hold a variety of contests. To get more followers on Facebook, ensure that individuals can only participate if they have liked your page. The prizes should always be relevant to your business.

Consistency is the secret to gaining more followers. Follow these tips and be patient, and rest assured that you will soon start seeing results.