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Why Filming Corporate Events Is A Great Idea – Video Marketing

Why Filming Corporate Events Is A Great Idea – Video Marketing

Most companies have events happening throughout the year. If your company is involved in many charities, and/or keeps employees happy with events and outings, it is time you showcase it to the world through video marketing.

Capturing company events can be very useful in increasing the PR (Public Relations) of your business. Showing the proactive steps you have taken to improve the work environment for your employees is bound to attract more clients and potential employees. If people are made aware of your contribution to the society, it will throw more goodwill your way.  

 There are many creative ways in which you can use the captured footage to your advantage. Using it for your company video will add a personal touch to the latter.  

Here are a few reasons you should get started immediately. 

Reason 1: Showcase Your Company Profile 

The captured video will work help create a good impression of the company.  

You can capture celebrations, functions, events like New Year’s eve and Christmas on camera to show how diverse your company is. A fun work environment is sure to keep the employees happy, and they are bound to get better results.  

This is a well-known fact, and you can use it to boost your company profile. 

Reason 2: Encourage Clients To Work With You 

You can keep your existing clients informed about the events through your website page, blog or newsletter. What better way than with a video of you and your company? This will assure them that you are a well-established company with satisfied employees.  

Reason 3: A Boost For Employees 

Apart from the advantage of increasing the PR of your company, an outing is sure to encourage your employees. It will energize them to get back to work with a fresh and focused mind. It is also a good way to appreciate their efforts for all the hard work they put in.  

Team outings and other team events will also help your employees interact outside the office. This can contribute to improving their work relationship as well. A video of the same works to your advantage. 

Reason 4: Attracts Prospective Clients And Customers 

Using the footage taken during company events will attract more clients and customers. If you have a fun and productive environment, you are sure to create enough publicity to attract the attention of prospective customers.  

With employees that are happy with their work life, the video—and their reviews—will get the attention of talented applicants. 

Reason 5: Serves As Virtual Memory Lane 

If you have all your company events on film, it can be beneficial for you in the long run. If you have the recordings of when you started the company, it can be used in your current ad campaign. The events you capture now will serve as a reminder few years down the lane. 

If you don’t already capture company events, outings, and charities, get started today. You will find the recordings very useful both now and in the future.  


Digital Marketing trends that took 2015 by storm

Digital Marketing trends that took 2015 by storm

With the year almost drawing to a close, it’s time to look into the trends that shook digital marketing to the core. They were efficient, positive, assertive, and produced positive results. While you can never predict when they might go out of trend, or when a new player might just swoop in as a replacement, they’ve been faithful to marketers and helped them perk up their brands.

Here they are:

1. Blog-ed!

While some see blogs as a hobby, marketers see it as an important source of content. Almost a majority of them rate blogs ahead of other content—video, images, and podcasts. Why? They’re informative and provide substantial information to address an issue of a customer. And how does this impact a business? Well, for starters, clicks turn into traffic; traffic convert into leads, and voilà, you ultimately have sales. But, the blog post must be ventured with utmost caution because persistent blog posts that tag customers out of a domain can be listed as spam. And you wouldn’t want that at all.

2. All recorded

You must be familiar with a 20 to 30-second advertisement right before your favourite video on channels like Youtube. Well, marketers are fond of exploiting the video segment for advertising their brand/enterprise because the traffic on such websites is insane. The numbers of viewers on these channels are peaking on a daily basis, and marketers see this as an excellent opportunity to convert these visitors into potential leads.

3. The social media supplement

Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, BuzzFeed, and Twitter; these are just a few social media pools people immerse themselves into on a daily basis. And marketers see this as an opportune moment to cast their lines to hook customers to supplement the popularity of their brand(s).

4. Cellular advertisements

Some of you might scoff at the sudden pop-up of a brand right before you open a page. They get on your nerves, don’t they? But the science behind such pop-ups are nothing short of a marketing bait. And these pop-ups are truly beneficial to brands. After all, the transition of PC/laptop users into cellular is happening at lightning speed. And mobile advertisements are just a parcel you’ll have to bear with if you so dearly love your pocket gizmo.

5. The creative bunch

Okay, you might be a viewer of videos and posts by brands but how often do you take a step forward and create content on your own? Well, there are individuals in the market today who create engaging content for viewers. And marketers have capitalized on this by advertising their content besides those delivered by bloggers. They know that the blogger is going to have visitors, so they supplement their content with their own. Brilliant! Truly brilliant!

6. The tempting click

So, you’re reading a post or watching a video but you get distracted by a flashy post beside it, or a pop-up appears out of nowhere and grabs your attention. It tempts you because, well, it’s too good to miss. This tempting click is one introduced by marketers on social media websites or blog-posts that supplement their sales.

These are but a few of the strategies employed by digital marketers to boost their sales/traffic. Have you ever come across any? Now do you know how it works? Be sure to use them if you do have your very own business. And don’t worry if they’re old school because some things never change!

The Impact of Video Contents On Consumers

The Impact of Video Contents On Consumers

The internet is a powerful tool. It can be used for a wide array of things. Unlimited communication is one of them. Uploading video contents to market products and services reached its target demographic by transcending physical boundaries in a poignant manner:

  1. Corporate videos are highly effective in communicating a company’s products and services to potential clients. This is partly due to the fact that it appeals to visual learners, who absorb new information best by watching. Not only do corporate videos accomplish this task a highly engaging, professional way, but they can also be played an unlimited amount of times in presentations.

  2. Video contents promoting products and services directly impact networking in the corporate world.  The internet serves as a digital platform for people around the world to connect to each other. However, people rare likelier to remain connected with those who have similar interests.  It’s human nature to seek out like-minded individuals.  According to the AMA Journal reader Raji Srinivasan, a critical way that online social media plays a critical role in networking is that they enable consumers across the globe to provide feedback on what they see on these sites. To explain further, videos that advertise the corporations’ products and services allow users to comment their thoughts and feelings, as well as provide suggestions on the public forum regarding the video contents. Doing so gives these consumers an opportunity to view and reach each other’s thoughts and comment on that as well, which results in the consumers building a connection.

  3. Corporations guide their promotional videos of products and services to social media. According to the New York Times writer Andrew Adam Newman, more and more organizations are currently creating online ads that are placing less of an emphasis on ‘pitching’ their products than they are on marketing their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Consequently, not only are these ads similar to the ‘mini-websites,’ they also permit the website users to simply click on the ad and thoroughly examine it without even exiting the website in which the ad appears on. This is precisely the ways in which the corporations’ guide the general public into social media websites through use of video contents to promote their products and services.

Why Some Marketing Videos Fail

Why Some Marketing Videos Fail

More and more businesses have started to promote their brands and products through marketing videos. Videos are an effective marketing solution if done correctly. At the same time, a large number of marketing videos fail because of several producing mistakes. Here are some of the top reasons why some videos fail in marketing a brand or product:

• Failure to engage instantly

A successful marketing video should be able to instantly engage the audience. This gives you about six seconds to get the attention of your viewers before they decide to stop watching it. Your video should start off with a relevant scene that is also interesting and creative.

• Failure to choose the right audio track

Whether they know it or not, your viewers might get distracted by the audio track you choose to use. You may like the music, but you also have to think about its relevance and suitability before using it on your video.

Try going for a track that doesn’t only build the mood but also complements the message you wish to put across. Make sure whatever audio track you use is of high quality. In addition to this, anyone speaking in the video should be easy to understand and comfortable to listen to.

• Failure to call for action

In video marketing, the sole purpose is to get the audience to take action. When the video is over, what do you expect your viewers to do? Unless you want them to move on to a different task and forget all about the video, make sure you include a direct and clear call to action.

You can either add important links to the video for your audience to click on or even narrate the call to action.

Try to make it clear from the start what you want your audience to do and then conclude with a reminder of the same. This can ensure that you get your message across even if some viewers decide to stop watching the video midway.

Most people despise being sold to, so it’s also important that you avoid trying to sell directly in your video. Aim your video at building trust and relationships, so that your audience gets to know you better.