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Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, And Growing Your Business In 2017 

Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, And Growing Your Business In 2017 

The past few years have taught us a lot about the effectiveness of social media. It is a very powerful tool if used correctly and to its fullest potential. Social media marketing blends traditional marketing styles with modern media to get your products and services out to the world 

It involves a process of innovation, creation, production and finally, communication. 

What Is Social Media Marketing? 

This is a process that raises the awareness of a brand through the medium of social media platforms.  

Social media is a savior for small and new businesses, levelling the playing field and letting them compete with larger firms with bigger budgets. A study concluded that around 78% of all small businesses use social media platforms to gain popularity and consumers. 

Marketing strategies on social media are tailored to fit the individual platform. Understanding them is crucial. For instance, Facebook is the most active on Fridays, and there are six different forms of communication on Twitter alone. 

The Rise Of The Video Generation 

Social Media Marketing

With potential customers/clients consuming so much video today, it would be a shame not to include videos on your social media marketing strategy. Here are few tips to enhance your video marketing skills. 

Keep It Story-Centric 

A video shouldn’t be centered on selling the product. It should be able to capture the highlights and captivate the audience emotionally. 

The Time Bomb 

Long video ads tend to get skipped instantly, unless they have a really good story line. If you don’t have that, make a shorter ad, but one that’s sufficiently captivating. A 10-second ad too can impact the viewers, so make the best of it.  

Videos become an added asset to your business. It becomes evident when there is 200-300% increase in click-through rates.  

Encouragement To Buy 

A video can alter the entire perspective of your buyers. Generally, purchases are made after viewing the videos of the desired products: these act as enhancing agents. 

 The Number Of Video Viewers 

About one third of the world’s population watches videos online, and get their information from them. Almost 63% of the world’s video-consuming population buy products after watching these videos. 

Fidget spinners, for examples, are simple toys. But did you know they are as popular as they are, because of the way they have been presented? Videos of people using those spinners have led to a frenzied fan following. 

All a video needs to be is creative and unique. Social media is a growing platform for marketing business as the investment costs are not that high and the turnout could be a bounty full! 

It might be high time you made an investment in social media marketing! 

Videos Help In Brand Recall 

Through videos, customers remember brands easily. Around 70% of the total population can recall the videos they have seen online. It follows that they’d remember your brand through a catchy video. 

Social Media Is Huge 

In fact, that might be a big understatement! 

If you ever happen to start an online fashion store, you could use Instagram to spread the word. It has both video and text features that enable you to describe the product. Clicking a picture of the product give an assured that there will be no case of ‘expectation versus reality.’ 

If people order things from you and they actually like it, they would definitely tell their friends about it. That way, your business grows even further.  

Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet For The Top 5 Used Channels

Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet For The Top 5 Used Channels

It is quite easy to get lost in the mix of social media platforms, especially while designing a social media marketing strategy. The number of social media platforms is many and choosing the top five you want to engage your customers on can be challenging. Also, you don’t want to overwhelm your customers with a lot of choices.

Use the following cheat sheet to get the best out of the top social media channels out there:


Well…this site doesn’t need any introduction. More than half of the world is on Facebook and this is the largest social media channel. Companies can connect to customers directly via their Facebook pages and also share latest updates.

Open a company page on Facebook. Make sure to share content every day. You can pay to promote your page as well to reach to more number of people. This will help you grow your page. Special features for e-commerce stores, live video streaming, and detailed consumer insights make Facebook a great place to reach out to your target group.

Regardless of the product or service you sell, you can benefit by opening a Facebook page. Publish posts for free and create traction for your brand by making your posts go viral, a great option for companies on a tight budget.


With more than 320 million active users, and over 31% in the age group of 18-29, Twitter allows you to connect to existing and potential customers direct. It’s touted that more than 72% of people are likely to make a purchase from a small business only after interacting on Twitter, in the near future. So, it’s really important that your business has a Twitter presence.

Using hashtags is what you need to do when on Twitter. Join in on conversations that are in your area of expertise and you will start drumming up the kind of attention you need. You can share text updates of not more than 140 characters and use hashtags before a relevant phrase or keyword, so that they pop up easily on Twitter search, allowing others to join in on your conversations. You can share links and videos on Twitter as well.

Vilampara media social media marketingLinkedIn

Connecting professionals from across the world, Linkedin is the largest professional social network.

As a business owner, you can open your company’s page. Try and make at least 20 posts every month to get results via this social media platform. While LinkedIn is continuously making improvements to their page functionality and feature set, other features on their platform such as their recruitment and sales features have been gaining a lot of positive reviews. These are likely to do well on LinkedIn in 2017.


More than one-third of the people on the Internet are now YouTube members and this is the most popular online video streaming site.

Video content is increasingly becoming popular. If you aim to reach a larger audience that comprises mainly of millennials, then YouTube is a great option for you. Short informational videos can bring a large number of customers to your page. Aim to upload small videos once or twice a week and share them on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Instagram has 400 million users. It is more or less entirely mobile and is ideal for businesses related to media, entertainment, and fashion.Vilampara media social media marketing

Instagram is a great option if your target group consists mainly of youngsters and you want to focus on specific brand categories. Share short videos and images relevant to your business every day. Run picture contests, and create a visually stunning touch point for your brand with Instagram.These are the top five used channels on the internet. While it’s not necessary to use all the channels, the perfect mix depends on your kind of business. At the end, it should add value to your customers and clearly help you in your goals of engaging with them and building a brand.


10 Secret Social Media Marketing Hacks From The Experts

10 Secret Social Media Marketing Hacks From The Experts

The social media landscape continues to change every single minute and it’s a herculean task to keep in touch with these changes. However, you can still hone your social media marketing skills if you’ve a few tricks up your sleeves.

Here are a few hacks from the social media experts that will let you do just that without implying much effort.

Social media marketing toronto vilampara media

  1. Apps that help you schedule posts on Instagram

Have you ever wondered when is the best time to share your picture/video to get the most likes and followers? TakeOff and Iconosquare crunches the numbers to examine when will be the best time to post your pictures and notifies you about the same. TakeOff also suggests suitable hashtags to go with your caption so that you can hit your target audience.

  1. Use Instagram only for editing

Disable your mobile data and Wi-Fi connection or put your phone on airplane mode, click pictures, edit them, and try and post. The pictures won’t be uploaded, but are saved in your phone. Since Instagram has an array of amazing filters, the edited or filtered pictures can be used across other social media platforms, even if you don’t want to use them on Instagram.

  1. Go offline to hide from annoying friends on Facebook

You might have one or two friends who start bombarding you with messages the minute you go online on Facebook. But, Facebook has a disabling option in the Chat section, where you can select a bunch of people for whom you’ll always appear offline, unless you decide to go online again. These people will never know when you’re online and you can go through your profile and timeline at ease.

  1. Retrieve deleted content from Facebook

If you’ve ever deleted some old pictures or posts on Facebook by mistake and can’t find them elsewhere, here’s a hack to save it for you. Login to your Facebook account and go to the General Account Settings. Here at the very end, after the Temperature Setting box, you’ll see an option Download Facebook Data. Follow the instructions given, enter your password, and you’ll soon receive a mail with a link to download all your facebook data.

  1. Sync your Facebook calendar with Google calendar

This hack is very convenient for people who often forget birthdays and anniversaries. To activate this feature, click on the Upcoming Events and Birthdays feature on Facebook and copy this page’s link address. Next, go to your Google calendar, click on the Other Calendars option on the left side of the page, and add the facebook calendar link using the drop down button.

  1. Prioritize your Facebook news feed

Have you often missed your friends’ posts because of spam and advertisements? If yes, then there’s a facebook hack that lets you determine what news you see and whose profile updates are on the top of your news feed. All you have to do is go to that person’s profile, click on the Friends tab, and select the See First option.

  1. Style your bio for Instagram

This one’s pretty easy. Create your bio using MS-Word or any such software and copy paste it in the Bio section of your profile, and that’s it.

  1. Use Rapportive for LinkedIn

Rapportive is a free Gmail plugin that will show you details of the LinkedIn profile of people emailing you. This will help you quip a better and an appropriate answer to their mail.

  1. Zoom onto Instagram photos (only for iPhones)

Now, you’ll need an iOS-enabled phone or tab for using this feature. First enable the Zoom feature from the Accessibility option, and then use the triple tap feature to zoom onto a picture on Instagram.

  1. Donate to non-profit organisations.

Make contributions to nonprofit organisations through Facebook. These organisations are verified and trustable, and you can donate any amount you want to. Just look for the Donate Now option on the organization’s profile and transfer money.

These social media hacks not only make your life easy, but also empower you with better socializing and interactive skills.