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A Beginners Guide To SEO: How To Achieve Solid Marketing Results 

A Beginners Guide To SEO: How To Achieve Solid Marketing Results 

2017’s marketing world is a competitive space. 

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a great way to get ahead of your competition. SEO is a way to get your product/service featured higher on a search engine’s ‘results’ page, through certain techniques. In a nutshell, SEO helps you maintain a company’s visibility on the Internet’s search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  

How It Works 

It is important for a website to be visible on the first ‘results’ page to sustain in the virtual world. If it isn’t available higher up, a number of users go without ever hearing of it.   

SEO In Business Development 

SEO play a crucial role in bringing the name of a business on the topmost list of the first page. If your website isn’t listed on the first page of the search engines, that means your business is virtually invisible.  

According to a research conducted, 9 out of 10 people are shopping online. Gone are those days of visiting each shop and then drawing comparisons between products. Online research is the top trending way to research on anything you need to buy.  This is the era where the consumer is the boss; he knows what he needs, and how to get it. 

How SEO Helps A Business 

  • Recognition as an authority in the virtual boundaries 
  • Engaging consumers 
  • Promotion of business 
  • Improvement of the position in the search engine 

SEO Building Brands Through Social Media 

Social media is a powerful tool. When used correctly, it can actually help with your SEO rankings. It helps you build your brand reputation by increasing search engine rankings and positions among your competition. 

Working On Social Media 

You can guide potential clients towards your business through the trust and loyalty of your social media followers. Pre-existing followers are loyal ones who will play a critical role in raising brand awareness. When your brand reaches a particular set of people, they ‘share’ it with people in their social networks. 

The pre-existing followers know the genuine and originality of the content. So they would spread the information thereby fetching more followers. Since the number of shares increases, the chances of getting a better position in the search engine results gets higher. 

As you garner some activity on your social media, the search engine position gets higher too. Search engines use programs that recognize this activity on social media. They help your web pages ‘rank’ for the right keywords, and users will start seeing your business at the top of relevant search results. 

The right SEO strategy is crucial; it can make or break a business in today’s cut-throat competition.  

Love blogging? Now you can make money from it!

Love blogging? Now you can make money from it!

You started  blogging as a hobby or a diversion that will come and go, but now it has grown into much more than that. If that’s the case, then why not turn your hobby into a profession?

If you have a number of powerful ideas to write about, and well-linked, formatted, and well-researched short blog posts, it will be really convenient for you to make money doing what you love.

The first thing you need to do is establish your blog

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An established blog is a prerequisite for making money. The content of the blog should be well-researched and interesting to attract more readers and prospective clients. In addition to that, the content should also be written in a way that it reaches out to your target audience.

Search engine optimization:

The blog should have sufficient keywords so that it ranks higher in search engine results. After ensuring that the target audience can reach you, the blog should be interesting enough to make your visitors stay longer. There are a number of tricks and tools that will help you optimize your webpage.

Making money from your blog

Once the blog is established and has an attractive number of audience, you can start making money from your blog. It’s always a tough start, but if you have the skills and the determination, you will be able to see the benefits. A blogger can use a number of strategies to start earning money. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Product sales:

    If you own your business or are a writer, an app developer, or make your own software, you can market your own products and earn from that. The trick to making this work is that you deliver good-quality goods at affordable prices. You need to curate the content for your blogs according to the product so that a consumer can connect with it.

  2. Advertising:

    If your blog gets huge traffic then selling ad spaces can also be a fruitful option for making money. Advertising can be done through either Pay per Click (PPC) ads, Cost per Thousand impression (CPI) ads, or Sponsored ads. To get a jump start in this area, you can also offer discounts and freebies.

  3. Affiliate marketing:

    If you write blogs related to a specific subject like fashion or books, you can use affiliate marketing to promote products of different brands and get a commission on each sale. This may take a while, but practicing writing on a topic will help you reach this goal.

  4. Market your own services:

    Blogging is an art that requires content writing, mentoring, and entrepreneurship skills. If you don’t want to make your blog all about selling stuff or promoting goods, then you can use it to build an online presence and your own brand signature. Now, this blog will help you land consulting or freelancing services. The blog that you create can also serve as a freebie to promote your own career and attract potential customers or clients.

Now that you know the basics, you can explore your writing skills and come up with excellent content on your blog. And, in due course of time, you’ll earn a lot of money from it.

The Basics Of Content Marketing For Every Mobile Game Developer

The Basics Of Content Marketing For Every Mobile Game Developer

If you’re a game developer, hats off to you—you’ve already mastered the relatively complex parts of coming up with a concept, coding your game, and creating a product. Watching your baby come to life with the characters, worlds, and levels you created can be gratifying in itself.

However, with poor content marketing, your potentially awesome and popular game can get swept under the rug. Just ask any of the game devs whose great products didn’t make it because of inadequate/inexpert marketing. Contrary to the garden-variety developer’s opinion, marketing is crucial to the life of your game, and is as important as the quality of the game itself.

Let’s take a look at some of the basic marketing techniques you can use to get the audience talking about your game, downloading it, and subsequently creating enough attention to make it a complete hit.

Use Social Media To Create Awareness

It’s absolutely important for you to have an active social media presence. This is because sales of games on the mobile platform are hugely influenced by their presence on social sites.

Facebook is the undisputed king of social media networks, and you’d best make full use of it to ensure that you capitalize on this huge potential audience. You can join groups like Indie Game Developers, Indie Game Players And Developers, and UNITY3D Game Developers.

When posting in groups, make sure that you don’t commit the faux pas of posting in every group you’re in. Nothing says “desperate/lazy” like posting in irrelevant groups.

Take advantage of this free advertising medium when launching your app. Most importantly, don’t ever leave your page inactive; this will cause your brand to lose credibility in the eyes of your audience.

Additionally, Twitter is a great tool to reach your audience, engage with them, and answer questions, in addition to marketing your game. Getting a celeb to re-tweet your game-relevant content is a great business tactic. Always make sure you use relevant hashtags here, using tools like SproutSocial and Hashtags like #gamedev, #freetoplay, and #indiedev can come in handy.

Don’t miss out on the audience offered by Google+ and LinkedIn, and make use of groups on these sites.

Gaming Reviews Are Da Bomb!

Nothing can bring as much positive attention to your game as a great review can. Gamers love gaming websites and communities. They look for the latest content in games and related topics. Getting your game onto such media is essential, and is crucial in deciding whether it’ll reach an audience.

Get in touch with popular game bloggers, youtube reviewers, and established gaming media.

Word Of Mouth

This is a medium whose magnitude we often don’t realize. Word of mouth has been instrumental, in certain cases, in bringing games to the mainstream audience. Remember Flappy Bird?

You probably remember your friends telling you how ridiculously difficult it was. There’s no source more credible than someone you know, and before long, you were probably playing it (and swearing) a lot.

You’ve probably installed a number of apps based on recommendations made by your friends; imagine if that happened to your game! This is a vital means of spreading the word about your game; go out and tell people about your game, and get your friends involved too. Your app might just become the next flappy bird!

Take Advantage Of YouTube’s New Dedicated Gaming Site

As a response to gaming video-dedicated sites like Twitch, YouTube has launched its own dedicated spin-off. YouTube’s most-followed user, PewDiePie, is a gamer as well. With an audience that spends billions of hours watching videos each month, this isn’t something to be ignored.

This promises a high discoverability factor, and you’d do well to take advantage of this free medium to show the world your product.

Get The Press Involved

If word of mouth can get so much attention, imagine how much attention making the news can get. You can get features on the local radio station, TV channel, or newspaper. A headline like “Local dev gets featured on the top developers list” could bring your game a lot of attention, given the expanse of the audience such media can reach.

Make sure to get in touch with relevant communities—for example, when promoting a fighting game, you can reach out to WWE and UFC fan communities.

When emailing journalists, you need to know that they receive a lot of emails, so make sure that yours is short and attention-grabbing. Keep a press kit ready; this is a sort of portfolio of your game, highlighting its specialties and USP.

These are key business tactics to ensure that your game gets across to your audience; ensure that you utilize channels like social media, reviews, word of mouth, YouTube, and the press. Make sure that you use these to your advantage, and become the most successful game dev you can be!