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Guide to Create an Online Marketing Plan for Startups

Guide to Create an Online Marketing Plan for Startups

Having an online marketing plan is more than a necessity these days, regardless of what products or services you offer. It is really important that the Internet population knows you exist. Why? Because none of your potential customers will buy from you, unless you manage to engage and reach out to the early adopters in your target group. And the early adopters are almost always available to target over the Internet.

Also, the Internet is the main hangout when people need to refer information, consume content, read reviews, and purchase products and services. So building an online presence is surely going to impact your business positively in a large way.

Creating an online presence isn’t easy. Take a look what your competitors are doing and that is when reality will set in. If your competition is doing a lot more than running a website, like a running and promoting a Facebook page, a LinkedIn company page, blogs, uploading videos on YouTube, and more, you’re already late to the party.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are millions of startups out there, making plans on whiteboards, mulling over strategies to bolster an online presence that they have just begun to build.

So where do you begin? Is building a website enough? Do you need to promote your website? What is the budget that you need? What channels do you use to promote your website? Let’s look deeper:

Create A Website

Launching a website is not really enough, although that is the first thing that you need to do to formally kickstart your presence on the web.

You don’t need to know programming languages like C++ or Python to build a website. Numerous free tools are available online that help you to build websites. You can simply drag and drop design elements into templates that these tools already have. They walk you through the process and building a website is a breeze when you use such tools.

Make sure that you build a mobile-friendly website and choose a good domain name, which ideally should be your company name. Consider using e-commerce templates, or platform integrations to reduce the technical complexities.

Optimize Your Site

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Search engine optimization is important to ensure that your website gets noticed on search engines. Every time your potential customers search for information on top search engines related to your domain, you have the potential to connect and engage with them, both organically and through advertisements.

Make sure your website has relevant content and it has inbound links. Using visual media like images and videos, along with a blog strategy, are essential for startups.

Be A Social Animal

Today, social media is the best way to build a brand and audience. It’s a great way to introduce your products and services to the world as well.

Having a strong social media presence ensures great results. With over 2 billion social media users, connecting via Facebook, Twitter, et al, you can establish the initial communication line easily with your potential customers. Today, customers are a lot more comfortable connecting with businesses that they have purchased from over social media than any other format. Pick the top three relevant social networks for your target group and start promoting your business organically and through advertisements on those platforms. You will start seeing potential customers over a period of time.

Establishing your own brand takes time and requires a lot of grit and hard work. Doing it correctly, right from the beginning is half the battle won.

4 Dream Jobs Within Social Media Marketing

4 Dream Jobs Within Social Media Marketing

We live in what can be described as the golden age of social media, as it’s more integral to our lives than ever before. Not only has social media transformed the way we network, socialize, and connect, but it has also opened doors to a whole world of career opportunities. With social media marketing becoming a vital part of the way businesses are run around the globe, top-notch companies are now looking for professionals with extensive knowledge of the subject.

According to PayScale, 11 out of 20 social media jobs pay more than the national average of approximately USD 43,400. Nowadays, more than 87 percent of small businesses are using social media as a marketing tool, which is evident from Constant Contact’s Small Businesses’ “Then and Now” survey conducted in 2013.

So, if you live and thrive on social media, chances are that your dream job is one of these high-paying options:

SEO Specialist

In a world where technology outperforms print media in the information race, social media plays a significant role in making that possible. And with the presence of innumerable online competitors, companies want to have a significant virtual presence among its present and potential customers. This is where SEO comes in, to ensure maximum digital exposure of the organization.

So, if you know how a search engine works, understand how optimizing content can improve its reach and exposure, and love to research online content, then being a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist is your calling. This job requires a sound knowledge of keywords and algorithms on which different search engines are based. You must be able to analyze websites and improve their online reach by creating search-friendly, high-quality online content. Your salary as an SEO specialist, depending upon your skill level and experience, will be anywhere between USD 25,793 and USD 60,361.

Social Media Marketing Manager

Given the ease and cost-effectiveness of practicing marketing strategies in a digital space, social media marketing has become a buzzword of sorts in the business world. To successfully use this marketing tool, you’ll require a sound knowledge of marketing and how different social media platforms work.

Since each social media platform works differently, your job responsibilities will include crafting different marketing strategies for them, which is crucial to make a brand stand out online. Hence, a degree in Marketing, such as an MBA with a specialization in digital marketing, would be preferable. The average annual salary of a social-media marketing manager is around USD 57,000.

Online Community Manager

With communities coming together online to share similar interests, organizations need professionals to target their potential audience and ensure active participation from them to increase brand loyalty and web traffic. An online community manager makes this possible by acting as the liaison between the company and its customers. As a community manager, your responsibilities will include content posting on social media platforms and handling day-to-day conversations with customers. This could prove to be an ideal job if you enjoy building and maintaining relationships. The annual salary for an online community manager can lie anywhere between USD 30,538 and USD 72,662.

Social Media Copywriter Or Blogger

Apart from lucrative salaries of around USD 15,417 – USD 69,634, this profession also offers perks like flexibility and the ability to work from home. If you have a knack for writing, excellent English, and an understanding of social media and SEO, then you should consider being a social media copywriter or blogger. As a social media copywriter, you will have to create engaging, valuable content via blog posts and social media networks to attract readers.

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So, if you are a social media enthusiast, don’t think twice before capitalizing on the opportunities that the social media industry has to offer. Brush up your social media skills and get ready for a promising career!

How to Know If Your SEO Strategy Is Working For You Or Not

How to Know If Your SEO Strategy Is Working For You Or Not

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are those you follow to ensure that your page shows up first when people search using relevant words on a search engine like Google. The key to ensure that your page ranks high is to make sure that your SEO techniques are up to date, and that your SEO strategy is indeed delivering the results it promised.

Here are some ways you can check to see whether your SEO is working for you-

Your Website Receives Repeated Visits

When any new content you add gets indexed properly, you will keep getting visits from previous visitors over and again. This is a surefire sign that shows that your strategy is indeed headed the right way, and is doing its job.

The Number Of Keywords Increases

As you apply your SEO strategy over a period of time, you will ideally be finding new and/or longer keywords to test and implement. As you do this, you should notice additional traffic coming in from these additional researched keywords.

Other Websites Start Using Your Website For Referrals

Keep in mind that this can only happen once you’ve established your site as the ultimate authority on a particular set of topics. When other website authors see your content as reliable, they will start linking out to your website on their articles and posts.

An added advantage here is that, when other sites use yours for referrals, the rankings for your website on search engines will get a boost.

You Move Towards Your Goals

A good SEO-focused website should have a realistic and achievable set of goals. Traffic should get converted effectively into business leads. Once you’ve set a target in terms of conversion, you can monitor the rate at which your website and its content help you achieve them.

Monitor The Rankings Of Your Keywords

As part of your SEO strategy, you will no doubt be monitoring the status of the keywords that your target audience is generally searching for. As their popularity moves up and down, you’ll know which keywords to pay more attention to. When you have a good idea of the highest-ranked words, make sure that you invest only on the keywords that will lead to conversions of traffic into leads.

Watch Those Bounce Rates

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who visit your website and leave immediately after viewing the page they landed on. You’ll know your strategy is working well when your bounce rates are constantly getting lowered. Use techniques like optimizing fresh content to suit relevant search phrases. Using metadata to aptly describe your content for search engines to display will help as well.

Searches For Your Brand Get A Boost

As your SEO techniques get more and more effective, you will see that more and more people search for your content and your brand. This is conclusive proof of the effectiveness of the SEO techniques you’ve used, and can be checked easily through online features that tell you how often a particular phrase or keyword has been searched for.

You Understand How Search Engines Function

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As a person starting out in SEO techniques, you would’ve only had a cursory knowledge of how search engines work. As you keep chiseling away and honing your relevant skills, you will gradually become adept at understanding the “mind” of a search engine. Once you get a feel for this, you have probably utilized the right set of SEO techniques through sheer experience.

So, all you need to do is keep a watchful eye on your keywords, traffic, and referrals. Once you’ve checked off all the points mentioned in this article, you can be reasonably sure that your SEO strategy is working out for you. If these things don’t reflect immediately, don’t worry—just keep working at it, and you’ll definitely get there in time.

Love blogging? Now you can make money from it!

Love blogging? Now you can make money from it!

You started  blogging as a hobby or a diversion that will come and go, but now it has grown into much more than that. If that’s the case, then why not turn your hobby into a profession?

If you have a number of powerful ideas to write about, and well-linked, formatted, and well-researched short blog posts, it will be really convenient for you to make money doing what you love.

The first thing you need to do is establish your blog

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An established blog is a prerequisite for making money. The content of the blog should be well-researched and interesting to attract more readers and prospective clients. In addition to that, the content should also be written in a way that it reaches out to your target audience.

Search engine optimization:

The blog should have sufficient keywords so that it ranks higher in search engine results. After ensuring that the target audience can reach you, the blog should be interesting enough to make your visitors stay longer. There are a number of tricks and tools that will help you optimize your webpage.

Making money from your blog

Once the blog is established and has an attractive number of audience, you can start making money from your blog. It’s always a tough start, but if you have the skills and the determination, you will be able to see the benefits. A blogger can use a number of strategies to start earning money. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Product sales:

    If you own your business or are a writer, an app developer, or make your own software, you can market your own products and earn from that. The trick to making this work is that you deliver good-quality goods at affordable prices. You need to curate the content for your blogs according to the product so that a consumer can connect with it.

  2. Advertising:

    If your blog gets huge traffic then selling ad spaces can also be a fruitful option for making money. Advertising can be done through either Pay per Click (PPC) ads, Cost per Thousand impression (CPI) ads, or Sponsored ads. To get a jump start in this area, you can also offer discounts and freebies.

  3. Affiliate marketing:

    If you write blogs related to a specific subject like fashion or books, you can use affiliate marketing to promote products of different brands and get a commission on each sale. This may take a while, but practicing writing on a topic will help you reach this goal.

  4. Market your own services:

    Blogging is an art that requires content writing, mentoring, and entrepreneurship skills. If you don’t want to make your blog all about selling stuff or promoting goods, then you can use it to build an online presence and your own brand signature. Now, this blog will help you land consulting or freelancing services. The blog that you create can also serve as a freebie to promote your own career and attract potential customers or clients.

Now that you know the basics, you can explore your writing skills and come up with excellent content on your blog. And, in due course of time, you’ll earn a lot of money from it.

6 ways of developing a successful online marketing strategy on a tight budget

6 ways of developing a successful online marketing strategy on a tight budget

You have a great start-up idea that you’ve successfully managed to jump start. And, you’re a visionary who’s looking forward to placing their product in the market. However, you have a tiny constraint when it comes to budget and you don’t want to throw in all your money into marketing. So, what steps can you take when it comes to implementing a successful online marketing strategy on a tight budget?

With the internet at your disposal, digital platform is the way to go for strategizing your online marketing process. It’s extremely important to know beforehand who your product is targeting, the USP of your product, and the marketing strategy so that you can make maximum impact and push your business ahead.

Here is a nifty list of ways to launch your dream project online, especially if you’re on a shoestring budget.

1.    Choose an appropriate social media platform

Social Media- Vilampara

With the number of internet users on the rise, it is pertinent to choose relevant platforms to promote your product. Recently, users have become aware of where to look for specific products and how to analyze them. Therefore, a background research about your consumers becomes important.
Depending on the product you’re selling, choose an appropriate social media platform. For example, if you specialize in photography or you’re running a food business, Instagram and Facebook are some of the best options open to you.

2.    Do a thorough research and background check

Since there are many similar-themed online marketing strategies, you would need to ensure that your product or service offers something that is unique from other products. A thorough research about your product, market, and target audience would let you know of the current trends, likes, and dislikes of your consumers. This will eventually help promote your product and put you ahead of the race.

3.    Create your brand name

Once you’ve followed the top two steps, it is time to create yourself a brand name. A unique name would not only help you stand out among many others but will also stick with you for a really long time. Your brand name would come up on social networks and online searches. Once you’ve established your brand name, selling and popularizing your product becomes easier.

4.    Search engine optimization (SEO)

Usage of suitable keywords would ensure that your website shows up among the first few results when users type in relevant words. Though the process of choosing appropriate keywords could be cumbersome, it’s worth the time and effort since your website will get a boost post the SEO process. Effective search engine marketing would also ensure that you get recognition and your website’s visibility is increased on popular search engines.

5.    Blogging

One of the best ways to connect to your potential customers is to give information about your product through engaging blog posts that can be impersonal yet descriptive. When you get an idea about the consumers’ needs, you can build your future marketing strategies accordingly. This will propel your product among online consumers.

6.    Follow up and feedback

Once you’ve set up your social media brand as well as finished your background research, it’s time to get real-time feedback from those who have been using your product. And therefore, one of the most important online marketing strategies is to ensure that you create channels for appropriate feedback. Also, follow up with your audiences by putting up email subscriptions and social media links. It not only provides a broad picture of how your product is perceived by the audience but also, what changes you can undertake for better performance and customer retention.
Entrepreneurship is one of the best ways of making your presence felt in the world. And with these easy and budget-friendly online marketing tips, you’re sure to grace success in no time at all.

The key to writing intriguing SEO-friendly content

The key to writing intriguing SEO-friendly content

Developing fresh content to attract a larger audience for your blog or website can be a real challenge. There are two major elements to think of while writing: how to make your article more entertaining in order to improve conversions and how to increase traffic. The majority of people use search engines, which is where most of your web traffic comes from. What you need to remember is that people come first while search-engine algorithms come second. Write articles that prove your point to readers instead of just writing content filled with keywords.

How to improve your content?

Before you get into how SEO content can boost your viewership, it’s important to brush up on your writing skills. Good writing can be learned and as a marketer, you need to convey your thoughts through interesting mediums and put them across differently to reach larger audiences. Here are a few tips that will help you boost your writing skills.

Be yourself:

This might be the most clichéd advice you could receive but it works. Add a unique touch to your brand by adding a little bit of humour and indulging in some quirky writing. Of course, you have to keep to the standards of the industry to some degree, for professionalism, but adding a little character to your content will take you a long way. This will encourage your readers to share, comment on, and eventually buy your product or service.

Be relatable:

When you’re trying to sell your ideas, there’s no point being theoretical by giving your audience boring case-studies as examples. You will lose your audience’s attention; you can, however, be engaging by giving them relatable examples. Find some interesting points of connection by using trending or pop-culture references to get your point across. These references are bound to interest them more than ordinary facts or confusing numbers.

Step into your audience’s shoes:

Make sure you use the right language while writing, stay away from any kind of jargon. Keep your content crisp and short, and break down hard-to-understand content. Add links to explain your point better and go through your articles again and again and remove what isn’t needed. The more on-point you are, the better your audience will be able to grasp information.

The Key To Writing Intriguing SEO-Friendly Content

How SEO content can boost your viewership

Now that you know how to keep your audience captivated, you need to work on increasing your audience. Optimizing your content for search engines is a proven way to boost viewership.

What exactly is SEO?

SEO is a method of optimizing your content for search engines in order to help it rank higher than content from other sites that target the same search terms.

Choose the best:

Without a proper keyword research, your SEO campaign cannot take off. Stick to picking specific keywords that are unique to your company and are easy as well as conversational. These keywords need to be included into your subject matter in a natural way and should gel well with the subject matter. Readers, especially those who spend a lot of time online, will notice if you’ve overloaded your content with keywords.


Make the best use of your keywords by placing them in titles and subtitles. Use keywords based on their popularity. The most used keywords can be included in the title and you can also cleverly add them to your content. Ensure you camouflage the keywords in the article and ensure that the flow of the piece isn’t interrupted.

Pictures matter:

Use images in your content so that it pops up on image searches as well. Pictures also add character and break-up your content in a good way. Articles with plenty of pictures are bound to get more digital attention and are more likely to go viral.

Using these simple tips, you can boost your SEO ranking in no time; therefore you better the chances of improving your reputation as a quality content provider, which in time will increase the readership for your articles.