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Some Of The Best Short Video Ideas To Promote Your Business – Video Marketing

Some Of The Best Short Video Ideas To Promote Your Business – Video Marketing

A booming business needs to work on a lot of aspects to keep its growth curve steady, such as their video marketing strategies.  

Plus, it is important that you keep your customers engaged at all times, to keep them coming back to you. A short video is a great way to engage your customers, while giving them an idea of what your company does.  

Studies show that about 78% of the world’s population watches a video every week, and 55% of them watch videos every day. It is often a lot easier to make the video, though, than coming up with an idea for one. To help you out, here are some ideas you can use to create engaging content for your customers. 

Make An Announcement 

If you’re making a big change, or changing your policies, make an announcement. And instead of just typing it out on Twitter or Facebook, you can make a video that you can share on social media. 

Visual media has a much bigger impact, and you can make sure your announcement will stay in your target audience’s minds when you share it through a catchy video. 

Share A Customer Testimonial 

The best way to convince a customer to buy from you is to show them a video of how happy your customers are after using your product. Conduct a short interview of some of your customers, and film it to get more engaging customers to your doorstep. 

Hold A Q&A 

This is another great way to attract customers into buying from you.  

Ask your customers to post any comments and queries they have on your social media page, and answer their questions through a video. This works even better if it is streamed live. 

Offer A ‘Behind The Scenes’ Look At The Company 

To better understand how your company works, let your customers take a look at what happens backstage. This works exceptionally well if you’re about to release a new product that your customers are excited about—you can even share the making of the product. 

Introduce Your Employees

If you have a team of people working with you, engage with your video audience by introducing your team to your customers. They can either answer some questions or share a funny story from work.  

A Day In Your Office 

This is another great way to let your customers understand how your help them. Let them take a look at how things work at your office by filming short videos throughout the day and combining them. 

Reveal New Products 

If your company is launching a new product, make a video on what the product is, and how it could affect your customers’ lives. 

Thank Your Customers 

If things turn out amazingly well after a new launch, then make a video thanking your customers. You can come up with several ideas that even give back to society while you thank your customers. This increases your fan base, and also earns you more customers. 

Aside from these video ideas, there are many other ways you can attract customers and get them to like you with short videos. You can hold a conference and brainstorm more creative ideas to impress your customers. 

What You Need To Know About The Types Of Video Content Marketing

What You Need To Know About The Types Of Video Content Marketing

Customers are always looking to be educated about their buying decisions; there are millions of choices out there. So, how do you influence a customer to buy your product and/or service? How do you create content that will boost your sales?

That’s where video content marketing comes in.

What Is Video Marketing?

Videos are ideal marketing tools tools that explain ideas and concepts, increase audience retention, and cause an increase of 97% in purchase intent.

Video content marketing is attractive, engaging, and effective at converting viewers into customers. Videos educate your customers and encourage them to make purchase decisions quicker and faster.

52% of marketers believe that video marketing is effective for brand awareness (WowMakers). 65% of businesses write a blog or two in a week, but deploy only a video per quarter. There’s a scope for a whole lot more of video content.

However, you must ask yourself a few questions once you decide on making a video:

  • What kind of videos are out there?
  • What kind would suit my business best?
  • What kind of videos should I create?

The type of content that goes into your video determines whether your buyer makes a purchase. Here are a few types of video content you can use in your marketing strategies:

  • Personalized Videos

When brands add a personal touch to their marketing videos, they make their audience feel special.

  • Demonstration Videos

At this stage, your potential customers are on the verge of making a purchase.

This is the point at which you can effectively convert potential leads. Here, potential customers will analyze your products’ features, advantages and disadvantages. An option for demo videos is a recorded screen share with narration and/or subtitles. A demo video typically runs up to 10 minutes.

  • 360° Experience Videos

360° videos are a novel concept that can provide a stunning new experience for your customers. Using E Commerce’s new darling, you can introduce product features, provide sneak peeks at a launch, and more.

Either way, you are bound to convert purchase leads into actual purchases.

  • Animation Videos

With animation, you get visual and emotional stimulation. YouTube has more than a billion users. Short, fun Youtube videos are just the thing to induce your customers to buy your product.

  • Testimonials

Testimonial videos showcase your product, and build trust and credibility among your users. You tell your buyers why people chose you over your competitors. Testimonials can be taken from anywhere: during a trade event, after a launch, etc. A little on the costly side, testimonial videos are still a must-have content form.

  • FAQ Videos

If your potential leads are looking for answers to any questions they may have before they buy, this is the place to quell their fears.

With 139% more brand impact, you should definitely opt for video content to hike sales and lead conversions significantly.

Smartphone Usage Statistics You Should Be Aware Of – Social Media Marketing

Smartphone Usage Statistics You Should Be Aware Of – Social Media Marketing

A smartphone is simply a mobile phone with an advanced operating system; it possesses the abilities of a personal computer operating system and the features of a mobile. The number of people who own a smartphone is constantly on the rise.

If you’re a business owner today, these are facts you absolutely need to be aware of.

Statista, in a study in 2015, estimated that there were 4.43 billion phone users in 2015. For 2016, it predicted an increase to 4.61 billion. The study further expected this number to reach 4.77 billion in 2017. In 2020, this is expected to increase to 6.1 billion (Ericsson Mobility Report).

Smartphone penetration in the following countries is as follows:

  • South Korea (88%)
  • Australia(77%)
  • Israel(74%)
  • USA(72%)
  • Spain(71%)

Developed Countries

CSomScore reports that the number of smartphone users in the US is 198.5 million.  According to the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), the number of iPhones in the US is 110 million. This would mean that there are around 250 million mobile subscribers, with iPhones making up 44 percent of the market.

Secondly, it is assumed that figures will touch the 80 percent threshold mark by March. This should increase with time. For populations under 40, penetration rates already exceed 80 and 90 percent.

Developing Countries

  • Turkey (+42 points), Malaysia (+34), Chile (+26) and Brazil (+26) have evidenced an increase of more than 25 points in smartphone ownership rates since 2013.
  • The country that boasts of the highest smartphone ownership rate is South Korea. Tanzania (11%), Uganda (4%) and Ethiopia (4%) are the countries with the lowest smartphone ownership rates.
  • In developing nations the number of people who have internet access has increased. According to a survey in 2014 and 2015, the following countries have shown an increase – Nigeria (+20 points), Ghana (+19) and China (+13).
  • In 20 nations men use the internet more than women. This is especially true in African nations. More men own a smartphone than women. The following countries have shown an increase in the number of men who use a smartphone – Mexico (+16), Nigeria (+13), Kenya (+12) and Ghana (+12).

Top Vendors

The leading 5 smartphone vendors according to IDC for Q4 2015:

  • Samsung (21.4%)
  • Apple (18.7%)
  • Huawei (8.1%)
  • Lenovo (5.1%)
  • Xiaomi (4.6%).
  • Other vendors (42.1% market share)

The leading US vendors (DeviceAtlas statistics for Q4 2015):

  • Apple (57.35%)
  • Samsung (10.36%)
  • Verizon (8.27%)
  • AT&T (4.31%)
  • LG (3.71%)

According to IDC the leading mobile operating systems in Q2 2015:

  • Android (82.8%)
  • iOS (13.9%)
  • Windows Phone (2.6%)
  • BlackBerry OS (0.3%)
  • Other operating systems (0.4%)

Some interesting facts from Google:

  • Users who check their phone on waking up – 68%
  • Users who have their phone beside them daily – 87%
  • Number of times people check their phones per day – 150 times per day
  • Number of minutes spent on a smartphone daily- 177 minutes

The coming decade is definitely going to see a boom in the smartphone market.  We’re undoubtedly  going to see new operating systems as well. It will be a wait that’s definitely worth it.

Guide to Create an Online Marketing Plan for Startups

Guide to Create an Online Marketing Plan for Startups

Having an online marketing plan is more than a necessity these days, regardless of what products or services you offer. It is really important that the Internet population knows you exist. Why? Because none of your potential customers will buy from you, unless you manage to engage and reach out to the early adopters in your target group. And the early adopters are almost always available to target over the Internet.

Also, the Internet is the main hangout when people need to refer information, consume content, read reviews, and purchase products and services. So building an online presence is surely going to impact your business positively in a large way.

Creating an online presence isn’t easy. Take a look what your competitors are doing and that is when reality will set in. If your competition is doing a lot more than running a website, like a running and promoting a Facebook page, a LinkedIn company page, blogs, uploading videos on YouTube, and more, you’re already late to the party.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are millions of startups out there, making plans on whiteboards, mulling over strategies to bolster an online presence that they have just begun to build.

So where do you begin? Is building a website enough? Do you need to promote your website? What is the budget that you need? What channels do you use to promote your website? Let’s look deeper:

Create A Website

Launching a website is not really enough, although that is the first thing that you need to do to formally kickstart your presence on the web.

You don’t need to know programming languages like C++ or Python to build a website. Numerous free tools are available online that help you to build websites. You can simply drag and drop design elements into templates that these tools already have. They walk you through the process and building a website is a breeze when you use such tools.

Make sure that you build a mobile-friendly website and choose a good domain name, which ideally should be your company name. Consider using e-commerce templates, or platform integrations to reduce the technical complexities.

Optimize Your Site

Vilampara media digital marketing toronto

Search engine optimization is important to ensure that your website gets noticed on search engines. Every time your potential customers search for information on top search engines related to your domain, you have the potential to connect and engage with them, both organically and through advertisements.

Make sure your website has relevant content and it has inbound links. Using visual media like images and videos, along with a blog strategy, are essential for startups.

Be A Social Animal

Today, social media is the best way to build a brand and audience. It’s a great way to introduce your products and services to the world as well.

Having a strong social media presence ensures great results. With over 2 billion social media users, connecting via Facebook, Twitter, et al, you can establish the initial communication line easily with your potential customers. Today, customers are a lot more comfortable connecting with businesses that they have purchased from over social media than any other format. Pick the top three relevant social networks for your target group and start promoting your business organically and through advertisements on those platforms. You will start seeing potential customers over a period of time.

Establishing your own brand takes time and requires a lot of grit and hard work. Doing it correctly, right from the beginning is half the battle won.

Steps To Create A Business Page To Boost LinkedIn Marketing

Steps To Create A Business Page To Boost LinkedIn Marketing

Founded in 2002, LinkedIn is a business and employment-based social networking platform used mainly for professional networking. With over 200 million users, it is unique and popular across the globe. Job seekers can post their CVs and employers can post jobs. Every member of LinkedIn has his or her own professional profile. In the same way, companies have business pages to boost LinkedIn marketing.

Your company page will help other LinkedIn members learn about your business, products and services, job openings, and other important updates. Opening a LinkedIn company page is easy, however, there are few things that you need in order to open a page.

Requirements For A LinkedIn Company Page

  1. You need to have your own LinkedIn personal profile with your true first and last name and your profile must be at least seven days old
  2. Your profile strength must be Intermediate or All Star
  3. The number of connections you have in your profile should be many
  4. You need to be currently employed by the company and this information needs to be listed under the ‘Experience’ section
  5. Your company email address is confirmed on your profile
  6. The email domain of your company is unique


Once you have fulfilled these requirements, you can create your company’s page. The steps involved are:

Step 1

Go to your homepage and move the cursor to the top and select ‘Companies’.

Step 2

You will come across a ‘Create a Company Page’ option on the right. Click on ‘create’.

Step 3

Now you need to enter your company’s name and your work email ID.

Step 4

Click on ‘continue’ and enter company details as asked on that page.

  • If your work e-mail address is unconfirmed on your profile, then LinkedIn will send a message to your mail address. Follow the instructions sent to that e-mail address, so that your work e-mail address can be confirmed. You can only create a LinkedIn company page, if your work email address is confirmed.
  • A red error message will pop up if there is any problem creating your company page.
  • Remember, there is no preview available. As soon as you click on ‘publish’, your page goes live on LinkedIn’s website.
  • In order to publish your company page, you will need to write a company description (250-2000 characters) and also include your company’s website URL

Tips To Grow Followers On Your LinkedIn Company Page

Social Media Marketing Toronto Vilampara Media

It is merely not enough to open a company page in LinkedIn. In order to reach out to more people, your page needs followers. Here are few tips to help you gain more followers on your company page:

  • Write a compelling description and include keywords, so that people can easily find you.
  • Make sure your company page has the products and services you offer along with images. Keep in mind that the most important product or service should be on the top.
  • Have a fantastic cover image.
  • Ask your employees to connect to the page.
  • Publish updates and promote your page well.
  • Lastly, make sure that the content on your page is fresh, unique, and informational.


10 Secret Social Media Marketing Hacks From The Experts

10 Secret Social Media Marketing Hacks From The Experts

The social media landscape continues to change every single minute and it’s a herculean task to keep in touch with these changes. However, you can still hone your social media marketing skills if you’ve a few tricks up your sleeves.

Here are a few hacks from the social media experts that will let you do just that without implying much effort.

Social media marketing toronto vilampara media

  1. Apps that help you schedule posts on Instagram

Have you ever wondered when is the best time to share your picture/video to get the most likes and followers? TakeOff and Iconosquare crunches the numbers to examine when will be the best time to post your pictures and notifies you about the same. TakeOff also suggests suitable hashtags to go with your caption so that you can hit your target audience.

  1. Use Instagram only for editing

Disable your mobile data and Wi-Fi connection or put your phone on airplane mode, click pictures, edit them, and try and post. The pictures won’t be uploaded, but are saved in your phone. Since Instagram has an array of amazing filters, the edited or filtered pictures can be used across other social media platforms, even if you don’t want to use them on Instagram.

  1. Go offline to hide from annoying friends on Facebook

You might have one or two friends who start bombarding you with messages the minute you go online on Facebook. But, Facebook has a disabling option in the Chat section, where you can select a bunch of people for whom you’ll always appear offline, unless you decide to go online again. These people will never know when you’re online and you can go through your profile and timeline at ease.

  1. Retrieve deleted content from Facebook

If you’ve ever deleted some old pictures or posts on Facebook by mistake and can’t find them elsewhere, here’s a hack to save it for you. Login to your Facebook account and go to the General Account Settings. Here at the very end, after the Temperature Setting box, you’ll see an option Download Facebook Data. Follow the instructions given, enter your password, and you’ll soon receive a mail with a link to download all your facebook data.

  1. Sync your Facebook calendar with Google calendar

This hack is very convenient for people who often forget birthdays and anniversaries. To activate this feature, click on the Upcoming Events and Birthdays feature on Facebook and copy this page’s link address. Next, go to your Google calendar, click on the Other Calendars option on the left side of the page, and add the facebook calendar link using the drop down button.

  1. Prioritize your Facebook news feed

Have you often missed your friends’ posts because of spam and advertisements? If yes, then there’s a facebook hack that lets you determine what news you see and whose profile updates are on the top of your news feed. All you have to do is go to that person’s profile, click on the Friends tab, and select the See First option.

  1. Style your bio for Instagram

This one’s pretty easy. Create your bio using MS-Word or any such software and copy paste it in the Bio section of your profile, and that’s it.

  1. Use Rapportive for LinkedIn

Rapportive is a free Gmail plugin that will show you details of the LinkedIn profile of people emailing you. This will help you quip a better and an appropriate answer to their mail.

  1. Zoom onto Instagram photos (only for iPhones)

Now, you’ll need an iOS-enabled phone or tab for using this feature. First enable the Zoom feature from the Accessibility option, and then use the triple tap feature to zoom onto a picture on Instagram.

  1. Donate to non-profit organisations.

Make contributions to nonprofit organisations through Facebook. These organisations are verified and trustable, and you can donate any amount you want to. Just look for the Donate Now option on the organization’s profile and transfer money.

These social media hacks not only make your life easy, but also empower you with better socializing and interactive skills.

Status Update: A Privacy Hoax And Its Repercussions

Status Update: A Privacy Hoax And Its Repercussions

vilampara media social media marketing toronto

If you’ve recently come across a paragraph-long Facebook privacy warning requesting you post it as your status, don’t worry about what it means – you are not alone. This “warning” that has spread across Facebook like wildfire asks you to post and share a status that will protect your images and videos from copyright infringement. But it’s a complete hoax!

These privacy hoaxes, unbeknownst of some Facebook users, germinated on the social media website a few years ago and somehow went viral again in the recent past. So, don’t worry if youfe haven’t posted the status, nothing has changed.

If you were one of the “lucky” ones, so to speak, who didn’t fall prey to this dupe, here’s what the hype was about:

  • The post contained a legal notice stating that the issuer’s profile is private property, thus forbidding Facebook to use any of their profile information.
  • Out of the various versions of the post, one stated that users had to paste content that would prevent Facebook from charging $ 9.10 for the service of maintaining your privacy.

What you need to remember about your Facebook profile is that whatever you post on it is controlled by you; all you have to do is change your settings. But, there is a catch. Whatever you post is intellectual property and Facebook owns the license to use any IP content that you post in connection with the social media website. The upside is that the IP license expires the instant you delete your content from your account.

Read on to know what privacy changes Facebook has made over the years, especially in 2014, and how it affects your virtual identity.

Intro To Basic Privacy Tools:

The privacy settings on FB allow users to control who can see what on their profile. So, with the right settings, you can avoid unnecessary photo tagging, unknown messages, and unwarranted sharing of your images and videos by strangers. Though Facebook still owns the right to use your information, you now have the right to control who else can see and share your posts. If nothing else, this tool limits the access to your information.

You And Advertisements

A common complaint people have with respect to privacy is that Facebook discloses their personal information to advertisers, which is again is not true. Though Facebook admits that it helps advertisers reach relevant audiences, it never shares any personal information with them. Now, with the new privacy options, you can even choose what kind of ads you want to see.

The Zuckersaurus-Rex

This privacy “dinosaur” is a 2014-launched tool that the company used to warn users when they are going to share things publicly. If your privacy settings haven’t been adjusted yet then odds are you have already seen this blue dino. If you’ve yet to see it, then go to the padlock icon at the top right corner of your facebook page and click on “privacy checkup”. Whether the dino has found a permanent home on your privacy menu or it is just visiting, one thing is certain, privacy for users has leveled up!

The Internet Is Forever

What the privacy hoax brought to light was the inefficient usage of privacy settings on the social networking site. It highlighted that user posts are part of the eternal world wide web and how easy it is to lose control over them, which paved the way for research on what users could do to safeguard their information. With the number of options available on the site, it is now easy to shield yourself from unwarranted attention from strangers. Facebook allows you to control what the public eye sees. Users must remember that the internet is forever, and unless you regulate what you post and who sees it, there is no guarantee it won’t come back to haunt you.

So, use your privacy settings – the same ones that still don’t cost $9.10 – to your advantage and keep your information on lockdown.

The Basics Of Content Marketing For Every Mobile Game Developer

The Basics Of Content Marketing For Every Mobile Game Developer

If you’re a game developer, hats off to you—you’ve already mastered the relatively complex parts of coming up with a concept, coding your game, and creating a product. Watching your baby come to life with the characters, worlds, and levels you created can be gratifying in itself.

However, with poor content marketing, your potentially awesome and popular game can get swept under the rug. Just ask any of the game devs whose great products didn’t make it because of inadequate/inexpert marketing. Contrary to the garden-variety developer’s opinion, marketing is crucial to the life of your game, and is as important as the quality of the game itself.

Let’s take a look at some of the basic marketing techniques you can use to get the audience talking about your game, downloading it, and subsequently creating enough attention to make it a complete hit.

Use Social Media To Create Awareness

It’s absolutely important for you to have an active social media presence. This is because sales of games on the mobile platform are hugely influenced by their presence on social sites.

Facebook is the undisputed king of social media networks, and you’d best make full use of it to ensure that you capitalize on this huge potential audience. You can join groups like Indie Game Developers, Indie Game Players And Developers, and UNITY3D Game Developers.

When posting in groups, make sure that you don’t commit the faux pas of posting in every group you’re in. Nothing says “desperate/lazy” like posting in irrelevant groups.

Take advantage of this free advertising medium when launching your app. Most importantly, don’t ever leave your page inactive; this will cause your brand to lose credibility in the eyes of your audience.

Additionally, Twitter is a great tool to reach your audience, engage with them, and answer questions, in addition to marketing your game. Getting a celeb to re-tweet your game-relevant content is a great business tactic. Always make sure you use relevant hashtags here, using tools like SproutSocial and Hashtags like #gamedev, #freetoplay, and #indiedev can come in handy.

Don’t miss out on the audience offered by Google+ and LinkedIn, and make use of groups on these sites.

Gaming Reviews Are Da Bomb!

Nothing can bring as much positive attention to your game as a great review can. Gamers love gaming websites and communities. They look for the latest content in games and related topics. Getting your game onto such media is essential, and is crucial in deciding whether it’ll reach an audience.

Get in touch with popular game bloggers, youtube reviewers, and established gaming media.

Word Of Mouth

This is a medium whose magnitude we often don’t realize. Word of mouth has been instrumental, in certain cases, in bringing games to the mainstream audience. Remember Flappy Bird?

You probably remember your friends telling you how ridiculously difficult it was. There’s no source more credible than someone you know, and before long, you were probably playing it (and swearing) a lot.

You’ve probably installed a number of apps based on recommendations made by your friends; imagine if that happened to your game! This is a vital means of spreading the word about your game; go out and tell people about your game, and get your friends involved too. Your app might just become the next flappy bird!

Take Advantage Of YouTube’s New Dedicated Gaming Site

As a response to gaming video-dedicated sites like Twitch, YouTube has launched its own dedicated spin-off. YouTube’s most-followed user, PewDiePie, is a gamer as well. With an audience that spends billions of hours watching videos each month, this isn’t something to be ignored.

This promises a high discoverability factor, and you’d do well to take advantage of this free medium to show the world your product.

Get The Press Involved

If word of mouth can get so much attention, imagine how much attention making the news can get. You can get features on the local radio station, TV channel, or newspaper. A headline like “Local dev gets featured on the top developers list” could bring your game a lot of attention, given the expanse of the audience such media can reach.

Make sure to get in touch with relevant communities—for example, when promoting a fighting game, you can reach out to WWE and UFC fan communities.

When emailing journalists, you need to know that they receive a lot of emails, so make sure that yours is short and attention-grabbing. Keep a press kit ready; this is a sort of portfolio of your game, highlighting its specialties and USP.

These are key business tactics to ensure that your game gets across to your audience; ensure that you utilize channels like social media, reviews, word of mouth, YouTube, and the press. Make sure that you use these to your advantage, and become the most successful game dev you can be!

Facebook Marketing – Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page

Facebook Marketing – Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page

It doesn’t matter if you’re using Facebook marketing to increase your brand’s online presence or if you’re an individual using Facebook as a social tool. Facebook is the king of social networks, with 4.5 billion likes being generated every single day.

There are certain techniques you can use to ensure that you maximize the likes on your posts and updates and strengthen the online presence of your brand.

If you’re an individual using Facebook simply for social interactions, the same techniques essentially still hold good for your personal usage.

Follow these 6 simple tips to ensure that those likes keep coming in!

Facebook marketing

Post Loads Of Photos And Videos

Since people are visually oriented by nature, this is a great idea when you’re trying to garner as many likes as possible. Think of it this way—if you could either post a 1000-word status update on a great pizza you had or upload a great-looking image of the same pizza, which one do you think would gather more likes? |

The picture, you say? Yes, of course!

But before posting pictures on your wall, make sure you add a witty and intriguing caption that will quickly engage people’s attention. For instance, “This guy’s pizza-making skills are out of this world!”

Use tags when appropriate—people tend to like seeing pictures of themselves, and when their involvement in the content of a post is acknowledged.

However, make sure you’re not spamming people’s timelines with tags simply to gain visibility. This is embarrassing, and is bad for your credibility.

Short And Sweet Is The Way To Go

When writing a Facebook post, it is necessary to keep your posts short and to the point. With instant accessibility to a variety of content, your average internet audience is, to put it bluntly, very short on attention.

People don’t want a long narrative on your day at the hairdresser’s—an anecdote about an incident that happened there would be better appreciated than the longer, more detailed story. Content consumers want entertainment, and they want it right now.

Since you’re not technically limited to a character count in your Facebook posts—unlike Twitter— you are the sole judge and decider of your posts’ length, and you’d do well to keep it concise and readable.

Nourish People’s Sense Of Importance

What makes the internet so awesome is that everyone can publish their opinion. Give your viewers a chance to voice their thoughts by regularly asking them questions. When people see that you value their opinions, they tend to respond to your posts and thus follow your posts with more interest than usual.

Abstain from asking generic questions that can easily be googled, and ones that are subject to opinions, like “What is the best way to make eggnog?”!

In fact, all you have to do is make sure that your post provokes a strong response and with a little luck, the internet will overwhelm you with likes.

Timing Matters

Common opinion will tell you that you need to post when there’s maximum activity on your network. This is a misconception.

You need to check and see what time works best for you. To help you create a unique posting schedule, there’s nothing better than simple, trial and error.

The frequency of your posts also matters; posting sporadically is a bad idea, but so is putting up a post every 5 minutes. According to studies carried out by Kissmetrics, 1-2 posts a day make for 40% more engagement and by extension, more likes.

Activity Matters Too

Your activities on Facebook, apart from posting, also have an effect on your overall appeal, and therefore your posts’ likes. When you share an article written by someone, Facebook does you the favor of letting that person know, boosting the potential for you to connect with them and their audience.

Facebook Plugins On Your Blog

These can come in handy when you publish articles on your blog, giving people the opportunity to like and share your content as they’re consuming it. Given the fleeting amount of attention your typical internet audience pays you, this is a good way to canvass all potential likes.

To summarize, all you need to do is include more visual content, post brief, engaging material at appropriate intervals, and stay active on your blog and facebook. By following these tips, you can ensure that your content gets the attention it deserves.

How To Use Trending Social Media Marketing Tools Like Snapchat and Instagram

How To Use Trending Social Media Marketing Tools Like Snapchat and Instagram

If you have a consumer base that has a strong presence on social media, it has become increasingly important to understand and connect with them virtually.

Traditional social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and personal blogs have been around for almost a decade or so. It’s the recent and upcoming platforms like Snapchat and Instagram that you need to catch up on, since they’ve been garnering huge interest over the past year.

Here are a few ways to use these latest ‘picture-sharing’ platforms to get the social media exposure you need.


Vilampara media

Instagram is a picture-sharing social media platform that focuses predominantly on the image and the caption that is added to it. “Followers” comment, like, and as of recently, share the pictures of the ones they follow.


Instagram is all about aesthetics! It is important to have a feed that is pleasant to look at, so the images you share should be fun, relevant, and interesting.


It’s important to make your consumers feel like they’re a part of you. By sharing videos of your workplace and your processes, you make them feel included and important.


Just like Twitter, Instagram uses hashtags. These enable people to find other users who are sharing similar photos.

If possible, create a unique hashtag for yourself and ask your followers to send in pictures with that hashtag. This will help increase your audience base and also give you monopoly over the hashtag, which is always beneficial.


You should re-post the pictures shared by your followers where they have tagged your brand. Another great trick is to share the content your followers send you, which further engages them and garners their loyalty.


Vilampara media

Snapchat is king amongst younger consumers. If your demographic is between 13 to 18 years of age then Snapchat is for you! Here are a few ways to reach out to consumers on Snapchat.


This is the most important aspect to keep in mind! Content that you upload lasts only 24 hours, so when you upload becomes important in order to maximize the response.


What you show in the 10 seconds that you have is very important. If it isn’t engaging, important, or doesn’t urge the user to give an immediate response, they’ll ignore it. Sharing coupon codes and other immediate incentives are likely to go a long way.


Since there is no like, comment, or share option, the real challenge is interacting with the consumers. Ask them to send in snapchats of themselves completing a challenge, for example, in exchange for coupons and limited offers.

Connect Your Networks

Since there is no direct way to connect your Snapchat with other social media, use Facebook or Twitter to let your followers know that there’s a special code available for discount. Then reveal the code on Snapchat to keep your audience engaged.

These tips will help you use multiple social media platforms and ensure that you stay relevant and engaged with your consumers.