The Basics Of Marketing For Every Mobile Game Developer

The Basics Of Content Marketing For Every Mobile Game Developer

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If you’re a game developer, hats off to you—you’ve already mastered the relatively complex parts of coming up with a concept, coding your game, and creating a product. Watching your baby come to life with the characters, worlds, and levels you created can be gratifying in itself.

However, with poor content marketing, your potentially awesome and popular game can get swept under the rug. Just ask any of the game devs whose great products didn’t make it because of inadequate/inexpert marketing. Contrary to the garden-variety developer’s opinion, marketing is crucial to the life of your game, and is as important as the quality of the game itself.

Let’s take a look at some of the basic marketing techniques you can use to get the audience talking about your game, downloading it, and subsequently creating enough attention to make it a complete hit.

Use Social Media To Create Awareness

It’s absolutely important for you to have an active social media presence. This is because sales of games on the mobile platform are hugely influenced by their presence on social sites.

Facebook is the undisputed king of social media networks, and you’d best make full use of it to ensure that you capitalize on this huge potential audience. You can join groups like Indie Game Developers, Indie Game Players And Developers, and UNITY3D Game Developers.

When posting in groups, make sure that you don’t commit the faux pas of posting in every group you’re in. Nothing says “desperate/lazy” like posting in irrelevant groups.

Take advantage of this free advertising medium when launching your app. Most importantly, don’t ever leave your page inactive; this will cause your brand to lose credibility in the eyes of your audience.

Additionally, Twitter is a great tool to reach your audience, engage with them, and answer questions, in addition to marketing your game. Getting a celeb to re-tweet your game-relevant content is a great business tactic. Always make sure you use relevant hashtags here, using tools like SproutSocial and Hashtags like #gamedev, #freetoplay, and #indiedev can come in handy.

Don’t miss out on the audience offered by Google+ and LinkedIn, and make use of groups on these sites.

Gaming Reviews Are Da Bomb!

Nothing can bring as much positive attention to your game as a great review can. Gamers love gaming websites and communities. They look for the latest content in games and related topics. Getting your game onto such media is essential, and is crucial in deciding whether it’ll reach an audience.

Get in touch with popular game bloggers, youtube reviewers, and established gaming media.

Word Of Mouth

This is a medium whose magnitude we often don’t realize. Word of mouth has been instrumental, in certain cases, in bringing games to the mainstream audience. Remember Flappy Bird?

You probably remember your friends telling you how ridiculously difficult it was. There’s no source more credible than someone you know, and before long, you were probably playing it (and swearing) a lot.

You’ve probably installed a number of apps based on recommendations made by your friends; imagine if that happened to your game! This is a vital means of spreading the word about your game; go out and tell people about your game, and get your friends involved too. Your app might just become the next flappy bird!

Take Advantage Of YouTube’s New Dedicated Gaming Site

As a response to gaming video-dedicated sites like Twitch, YouTube has launched its own dedicated spin-off. YouTube’s most-followed user, PewDiePie, is a gamer as well. With an audience that spends billions of hours watching videos each month, this isn’t something to be ignored.

This promises a high discoverability factor, and you’d do well to take advantage of this free medium to show the world your product.

Get The Press Involved

If word of mouth can get so much attention, imagine how much attention making the news can get. You can get features on the local radio station, TV channel, or newspaper. A headline like “Local dev gets featured on the top developers list” could bring your game a lot of attention, given the expanse of the audience such media can reach.

Make sure to get in touch with relevant communities—for example, when promoting a fighting game, you can reach out to WWE and UFC fan communities.

When emailing journalists, you need to know that they receive a lot of emails, so make sure that yours is short and attention-grabbing. Keep a press kit ready; this is a sort of portfolio of your game, highlighting its specialties and USP.

These are key business tactics to ensure that your game gets across to your audience; ensure that you utilize channels like social media, reviews, word of mouth, YouTube, and the press. Make sure that you use these to your advantage, and become the most successful game dev you can be!

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