The Impact of Video Contents On Consumers

The Impact of Video Contents On Consumers

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The internet is a powerful tool. It can be used for a wide array of things. Unlimited communication is one of them. Uploading video contents to market products and services reached its target demographic by transcending physical boundaries in a poignant manner:

  1. Corporate videos are highly effective in communicating a company’s products and services to potential clients. This is partly due to the fact that it appeals to visual learners, who absorb new information best by watching. Not only do corporate videos accomplish this task a highly engaging, professional way, but they can also be played an unlimited amount of times in presentations.

  2. Video contents promoting products and services directly impact networking in the corporate world.  The internet serves as a digital platform for people around the world to connect to each other. However, people rare likelier to remain connected with those who have similar interests.  It’s human nature to seek out like-minded individuals.  According to the AMA Journal reader Raji Srinivasan, a critical way that online social media plays a critical role in networking is that they enable consumers across the globe to provide feedback on what they see on these sites. To explain further, videos that advertise the corporations’ products and services allow users to comment their thoughts and feelings, as well as provide suggestions on the public forum regarding the video contents. Doing so gives these consumers an opportunity to view and reach each other’s thoughts and comment on that as well, which results in the consumers building a connection.

  3. Corporations guide their promotional videos of products and services to social media. According to the New York Times writer Andrew Adam Newman, more and more organizations are currently creating online ads that are placing less of an emphasis on ‘pitching’ their products than they are on marketing their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Consequently, not only are these ads similar to the ‘mini-websites,’ they also permit the website users to simply click on the ad and thoroughly examine it without even exiting the website in which the ad appears on. This is precisely the ways in which the corporations’ guide the general public into social media websites through use of video contents to promote their products and services.

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