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The key to writing intriguing SEO-friendly content

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Developing fresh content to attract a larger audience for your blog or website can be a real challenge. There are two major elements to think of while writing: how to make your article more entertaining in order to improve conversions and how to increase traffic. The majority of people use search engines, which is where most of your web traffic comes from. What you need to remember is that people come first while search-engine algorithms come second. Write articles that prove your point to readers instead of just writing content filled with keywords.

How to improve your content?

Before you get into how SEO content can boost your viewership, it’s important to brush up on your writing skills. Good writing can be learned and as a marketer, you need to convey your thoughts through interesting mediums and put them across differently to reach larger audiences. Here are a few tips that will help you boost your writing skills.

Be yourself:

This might be the most clichéd advice you could receive but it works. Add a unique touch to your brand by adding a little bit of humour and indulging in some quirky writing. Of course, you have to keep to the standards of the industry to some degree, for professionalism, but adding a little character to your content will take you a long way. This will encourage your readers to share, comment on, and eventually buy your product or service.

Be relatable:

When you’re trying to sell your ideas, there’s no point being theoretical by giving your audience boring case-studies as examples. You will lose your audience’s attention; you can, however, be engaging by giving them relatable examples. Find some interesting points of connection by using trending or pop-culture references to get your point across. These references are bound to interest them more than ordinary facts or confusing numbers.

Step into your audience’s shoes:

Make sure you use the right language while writing, stay away from any kind of jargon. Keep your content crisp and short, and break down hard-to-understand content. Add links to explain your point better and go through your articles again and again and remove what isn’t needed. The more on-point you are, the better your audience will be able to grasp information.

The Key To Writing Intriguing SEO-Friendly Content

How SEO content can boost your viewership

Now that you know how to keep your audience captivated, you need to work on increasing your audience. Optimizing your content for search engines is a proven way to boost viewership.

What exactly is SEO?

SEO is a method of optimizing your content for search engines in order to help it rank higher than content from other sites that target the same search terms.

Choose the best:

Without a proper keyword research, your SEO campaign cannot take off. Stick to picking specific keywords that are unique to your company and are easy as well as conversational. These keywords need to be included into your subject matter in a natural way and should gel well with the subject matter. Readers, especially those who spend a lot of time online, will notice if you’ve overloaded your content with keywords.


Make the best use of your keywords by placing them in titles and subtitles. Use keywords based on their popularity. The most used keywords can be included in the title and you can also cleverly add them to your content. Ensure you camouflage the keywords in the article and ensure that the flow of the piece isn’t interrupted.

Pictures matter:

Use images in your content so that it pops up on image searches as well. Pictures also add character and break-up your content in a good way. Articles with plenty of pictures are bound to get more digital attention and are more likely to go viral.

Using these simple tips, you can boost your SEO ranking in no time; therefore you better the chances of improving your reputation as a quality content provider, which in time will increase the readership for your articles.

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