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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook and Instagram Ad Specifications

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If you are a business owner, why not reach out to them through Facebook Ads? In 2018, there were 23.6 million Canadian Facebook users. Get to know the types of Facebook Ads with which you can reach out to a wide audience and take your business to the next level. 

1. Video Ads 

When it comes to video ads, high-resolution videos are always preferred. It could be without lack of bars or without any letters. Majority of the file types are supported. Facebook recommends you to use H.264 compression images with progressive scan, fixed frame rate and stereo AAC audio compression at 128+ kbps. 

In addition, Facebook also allows you to use 360° videos with which you can view the videos by twisting, turning or dragging through the content with their finger. 

When the link is included, the headline should contain 25 characters and the link description should contain 30 characters. 

  • The ratio of the video: 9:16 to 16:9 
  • Required resolution: Upload the highest-resolution video available that meets file size and ratio limits. 
  • Caption – 2,200 characters maximum 
  • Size of the video file: 4 GB max. 
  • Minimum length of the video: 1 second 
  • The maximum length of the video: 240 minutes 
  • Video captions: Most recommended yet optional 
  • Sound: Most recommended yet optional 
  • Maximum text: 125 characters  
  • Video thumbnail images are recommended not to consist above 20% of the text since they might experience slow delivery.  
  • Vertical videos could be masked up to 2:3 

2. Single Image Ads 

These are the oldest at the same time the most popular and types available. These ads are extremely popular and powerful owing to their simplicity and versatility. They are easy to make and does not require expert assistance in most of the cases. 

  • Image specifications: 
    • Maximum Size of the image – 1,200 x 628 pixel 
    • The ratio of the image – 1.91:1 
    • Image text- Minimal text or none on the image 
    • Copy specifications: 
    • Total number of image characters preferred– 90 characters 
    • Maximum Image headline characters preferred – 25 characters 
    • Link Description characters – 30 characters 
    • Size of the image – 1,200 x 444 pixels 
    • Image ratio that is preferred: – 8:3 

3. Slideshow Ads 

Slideshow ads essentially allow you to create a looping video ad out of up to 10 different images. You can use them with any objective except for the Product Catalog Promotion. 

Have a look at the Facebook ad specifications meant for the slideshow ads: 

  • Image specifications: 
    • Size of the Image – 1,280 x 720 pixels 
    • The ratio of the Image – 16:9, 1:1 or 2:3 
    • Recommended Image Format—.MOV or.MP4 
    • Suggestions– Choose the right images that are of consistent ratio. Enabling different sizes would lead to image cropping. 
  • Copy specifications: 
    • Size of the Text– 90 characters 
    • Size of the Headline– 25 characters 
    • Characters required for Link Description– 30 characters 

4. Canvas Ads 

Canvas ads are a new type of Facebook ad that lets you create a full-screen branded experience that users can interact with. 

These are the specifications meant for the Canvas Ads:- 

  • Number of characters – 90 characters 
  • Number of characters in Headline – 45 characters 
  • Number of characters for description – 30 characters 
  • Size of the image – 1,200 x 628, 1.9:1 ratio 
  • Video format – .MOV or.MP4, 16:9 or 1:1 ratio 

The advantage of using a canvas ad is that you would get a full-scale experience which could include kinds of stuff like tilt-to-pan images, images, videos, captions and buttons. Each element has separate specs. Hence it is important to follow the prompts in the right manner.  

5. Carousel Ads 

Carousel ads can be used as a collection of every other type of ad. It can run to the maximum of 10 images, videos or slideshows all under a single ad campaign. It is possible to link each ad to a different slideshow. 

The Facebook ad specs for carousel ads are: 

  • Images specifications: 
    • Size of the Image – 1,080 x 1,080 pixels 
    • The ratio of the Image – 1:1 square 
    • Suggestions –  Minimal or no text on the image 
  • Videos specifications: 
    • Image Format–.MOV or.MP4 
    • Aspect Ratio – 1:1 square 
    • Image Resolution – 720p at minimum 
    • Image File Size – 2.3 GB maximum 
    • Maximum Length of the video– 60 minutes (Facebook),  
    • Thumbnail – 1,080 x 1,080 pixels, 1:1 ratio 
  • Copy specifications: 
    • Maximum number of characters – 90 characters 
    • Number of characters for the headline – 40 characters 
    • Number of characters for description – 20 characters 

Instagram Ad types and Specifications 

60% of users report they discover new products through Instagram. When advertising on Instagram, you’ll have an option to use more than one ad type. 

In fact, there are currently seven different Instagram ad types, each perfect for a slightly different marketing campaign. (That’s still a lot less than Facebook ad types though.) 

It is highly important that you’re aware of all the seven ad layouts and know how to use them. You do want to get the highest possible ROI out of Instagram advertising, right? 

1. Single Image Ads 

This is the most commonly used ad type meant for both Instagram as well as Facebook advertising. They consist of an ad copy, image and a CTA button. The image size may vary upon different sizes of the photo you upload. 

  • Single Image Instagram Ad specifications: 
    • Image Caption characters: 125 characters 
    • Suggested image size: 1080 x 1080 pixels/ 1200 x 628 pixels (the usual size of the Facebook ad image) 
    • Image format: .jpg or .png 
    • The maximum size of the file: 30 MB 

2. Instagram Carousel Ads 

Carousel ads would help you showcase to the maximum 10 images or videos (named cards) inside a single ad. They can be used to tell your brand story, create how-to’s, reduce the Instagram cost and provide promoted offer.  

  • Instagram Carousel Ad specifications: 
    • Image Caption –  Maximum 125 characters 
    • Type of video –  image or video 
    • Suggested image/video resolution –  minimum 600 x 600 pixels and maximum 1080 x 1080 pixels 
    • Image format – .jpg or .png 
    • Minimum cards –  2 
    • Maximum cards – 10 
    • Preferred Image ratio –  1:1 
    • The aspect ratio of the video –  1:1 
    • Minimum length of the video –  3 seconds 
    • The maximum length of the video –  60 seconds 
    • If not, Thumbnail auto resize is at present available but the size should match with the aspect ratio meant for the video. 

3. Instagram Video Ads 

Video Ads are one among the evergreen ways to capture your audience interest. They could be in the form of either a video or a GIF.  

  • Instagram Video Ad specifications: 
    • Maximum characters for the caption –  Maximum 125 characters 
    • Type of the media –  video 
    • Suggested video resolution –  600 x 600 pixels (square) or 600 x 315 pixels (landscape) 
    • Aspect Ratio recommended –  1:1 (square) or 1.9:1 (landscape) 
    • Minimum resolution of the video –  600 x 600 pixels 
    • Maximum resolution of the video –  1080 x 1080 pixels 
    • Minimum length of the video –  3 seconds 
    • The maximum length of the video –  60 seconds 
    • The maximum size of the video –  4GB 
    • The frame rate of the video –  30fps max 
    • File type prescribed –  .mp4 container 
    • Audio type –  Compression type is Stereo AAC audio. Above 128kbps preferred 

4. Slideshow Ads 

There is a slight difference between the Slideshow Ads and the Carousel Ads. In slideshow images, you will be able to add to the maximum of 10 images with music in order to create a video ad in a looping manner. 

  • Instagram Slideshow Ad specifications: 
    • Maximum characters for Caption –  Maximum 125 characters 
    • Media type –  images and soundtracks 
    • Image duration that is allowed –  up to 50sec per image 
    • Size of the image –  min. 600 x 600 pixels which can extend up to 1080 x 1080 pixels. If you are going to use images that are of different sizes, then obviously your slideshow would be cropped as a square. 
    • Music file format –  WAV, M4A, MP3, OGG and FLAC. You possess all the legal rights necessary. 

5. Instagram Lead Ads 

Instagram Lead Ads are used to collect the required information from the prospects. The leads would be guided away to a different page where they would have to answer the details such as name, business type and contact details. 

  • Instagram Lead Ad specifications: 
    • Image Caption –  Maximum 125 characters 
    • Type of the media –  image 
    • Ad image size that is suggested –  1080 x 1080 pixels or 1200 x 628 pixels 
    • Format of the image –  .png or .jpg 
    • The maximum size of the file –  30 MB 

6. Instagram Stories Image Ad 

Since Instagram stories were launched, there has been considerable growth in the user base. Hence it is the best choice to use this feature to create Story Ads that would contain a maximum of six images with which you can tell your brand’s story in an enthralling manner. 

  • Instagram Stories Image Ad specifications: 
    • Image Caption –  Not currently available. Any text must be part of the image file 
    • The format of the image –  Full-screen vertical ad (9:16) 
    • Preferred Resolution of the image –  1080 x 1920 
    • The minimum amount of Resolution –  600 x 1067 
    • File types that are preferred –  .png or .jpg 
    • The maximum size of the image –  30MB 
    • Photo content –  visible for 5 seconds 

7. Instagram Stories Video Ad 

Videos are always the go-to for many youngsters and new-gen marketers. Hence with Instagram stories Video Ad, you can capture a large mass of audience for your brand. 

  • Instagram Stories Video Ad specifications: 
    • Caption –  Not currently available. Any text must be part of the image file 
    • Format –  Full-screen vertical ad (9:16) 
    • Recommended Resolution –  1080 x 1920 
    • Minimum Resolution –  600 x 1067 
    • File types –  mp4 or .mov 
    • Max. video size –  4GB 
    • Max. video length  –  15 seconds 
    • Recommended Video Codecs –  h.264, VP8 
    • Recommended Audio Codecs –  AAC, Vorbis 

Instagram ads can also be set up using the Facebook Ads Manager as well as the Facebook Power Editor. It is up to you to choose which is best suitable for your business. Enable this two powerful medium to advertise your products and services. Enable the best business experience with them. 


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