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Building Brands Through Social Media Marketing Activism

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Big brands have realized that building brands through social media marketing activism, they are better able to reach their customers and have started allocating part of their marketing budget to social causes. Here are some of the most popular brands and companies that are working towards a greater good.


MTV is a large satellite television channel owned by Viacom Media Networks. One major cause that MTV supports is feminism. In April 2016, it conducted a Look Different Campaign. This was dedicated towards resolving the issues of race bias, gender bias, and LGBT bias.

The Parative Project

This fashion brand concentrates on making their clothes with prints that help start conversation. One example of this is “Every Eight Minutes”. This print on the clothing shows the rate of child trafficking in Southeast Asia. A portion of the revenue made on these clothes are donated to organizations that prevent trafficking.


Always is a brand of feminine hygiene products that supports feminism. They ran a campaign named Unstoppable. Here, girls were asked to write down things that society told them to do or be because they were girls. They were then encouraged to kick them away to show they were unstoppable.

Wells Fargo

This brand supports same gender marriage while featuring an ad called Learning Sign Language. In this ad, a lesbian couple wants to adopt a child that has a hearing impairment. With this, Wells Fargo suggests that same sex marriage can be more common without becoming uncomfortable for others.

Taaluma Totes

This is another fashion brand that supports a good cause. It collects wool and cotton from around the world, which is used by disabled adults to make bags. These bags are sent back to countries where the wool and cotton was collected from. This is in the form of micro-loans to farmers and small business owners. They repay this loan whenever they can. This encourages the company to buy more raw materials from them. This helps create an economic flow in the country.

American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC)

ABSC is an association of companies that help build policies and support companies to run businesses that allow sustainable economy. They provide a platform where business personnel can meet with policymakers to make plans that support sustainable development.


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