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What is SEO in Marketing?

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SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a measurable process used by search engines to determine if your website is good enough. The better your rankings are, the higher your webpage will be on the search listings.

If your website does appear among the first five, users are more likely to visit your web page. Well-organized SEO can put you ahead in the competition.

How does it Work?

There is a sophisticated algorithm that is created and utilized by Google to give scores for websites. This algorithm figures out which website should rank best for what people are searching. There are many different factors based on which Google ranks a website. You can optimize your website for SEO by ensuring that it is good in terms of quality.

Now, what are the three important buckets that you need to be aware of in SEO?


Google wants to know if your website has something unique that sets you apart from others. Your website needs to have good content that is not duplicated from any other website on the Internet. The more original you are, the higher will your ranking be.

If you have good products on your website but the content is not as good or is replicated, there is no way for Google to rank you other than by the contact. The more informative and descriptive you are with your products, the more popular your site will be.


Google wants to show that websites are trustworthy. A website with low ranking and poor reviews will not be displayed by Google in the search results. You need to prove to Google algorithms that you are a trustworthy vendor. Get authorized by other websites and ensure that your link is available in more than one location. Have a social media presence that can verify your website. Have vendors, customers, partners, and all those associated with your company, link to your website — showing that you are a credible business.


Google aims to display websites that are in trend. Every time users search on Google, the most popular seller shows up. This can be done by building a social network and getting people to link themselves to you. Comments, likes, shares, and pictures are great ways of proving how trustworthy and authoritative you are.

If you manage to build a site which has a robust HTML code and creative design, the chances of getting a high SEO rank are more. Inbound links, keywords, and other methods must be efficiently used to optimize your website traffic. The algorithm is being constantly developed. Therefore, make your website more relevant, unique, and informative for a high ranking.

People search for products and companies online before making a purchase. This makes it important to have a good website that marks your presence.

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