what kind of content should you post on your business’ social media

What Kind Of Content Should You Post On Your Business’ Social Media?

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Handling your business’ social media account is now a job and requires a lot of attention. Social media erases the line between a business and its customers. This means that as a business, you now have a direct line of contact. As consumers, their feedback is invaluable! You may be wondering, what kind of content should you post on your business’ social media profile.

Videos: Make them your go-to

Social media is flooded with content everyday. Images can often go unnoticed unless they are accompanied with text. Retaining your audience’s attention will become a difficult task unless you have something interesting to offer.

Videos have consistently proven to be good at holding people’s attention, compared to text. With faster smartphones and Internet speeds, people are consuming videos like never before. So here are a few video ideas you can try out.

Promoting Feelings

You have an abundant possibility to promote your business and its products or services. Here’s a novel idea. Now don’t do that. Instead, post a video that covers the feelings your product/service invokes in users.

Take a look at this video by Starbucks. It is common to see various videos of sunshine, flowers, and colours in a relaxed outdoor setting, as opposed to simply coffee. This leads their followers to associate those feelings with the brand, without Starbucks having to sell a product directly.

Behind-the-scenes shoots

Show users the bloopers—all the fun and the human sides of making an ad. This shows that you care about connecting your followers and customers as people. Rather than looking at them as consumers of your brand.

Q&A Videos

There are so many ways to customize this format of video. You can have an expert in the field answer some of the consumer’s questions. Or, you could take a new product and answer questions your customers might have.

Or you could also take an employee/manager of the business and have them interact directly with users. This increases trust and communication.


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