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What Not To Do When Mobile App Marketing

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Mobile app marketing are all the rage nowadays and almost every e-commerce site has an app of their own. The reason being consumers don’t want to go through the long process of opening a web browser and then searching for different items. They want a simple app that will open up a plethora of options with a few taps. If the app helps them breeze through their everyday shopping or news reading, it will be a hit and consumers will stick to it. But, a few glitches on the app maker’s end and it will be forgotten real fast.

So, if you’re planning to launch a mobile app, here are some marketing mistakes you should totally avoid.

1.    Not Relying On App Store Optimization

You want your app to be searched and found by consumers, you have to use app store optimization! That’s the mantra and if you’re not planning to follow it religiously, your app will not reach the target audience. App store optimization or ASO increases the visibility of your app, escalates page traffic, and helps you earn revenue. The main idea is that you should have keywords in your app’s title and description. Make sure the keywords rake in high traffic but are low on competitiveness. You don’t want keywords that will be rarely used by consumers.

Apart from the keywords, you should pay attention to the screenshots and the icon of the app. If your app looks attractive then it will be successful in grabbing eyeballs. Think there’s too much on your plate? Get in touch with an ASO expert and seek their advice.

2.    Giving A Desktop Experience

You have an e-commerce site and it’s running successfully. Great! You shrink it to fit within the frame of a mobile and sell it in the name of a ‘mobile app’. Catastrophe!
If users had the patience of going through a huge site, why would they download your app? The main purpose of an app is to present the users with a simple interface that will help them finish their tasks easily. For example, if your app offers cleaning services, get to the point quickly. Let them know about the different services you offer and how much you’re going to charge. Make sure they don’t have to go looking for it within the app.

An easy-to-use interface ensures that your customers keep returning to your app. You’ve to make sure that the app appeals to all age groups. Imagine that a 60-year-old man just got a new smartphone and is trying to use your app. How can you make it easier for him? By giving him an interface that focuses on the most important functions of your app.

3.    Not Asking For Feedback

No matter how great your app is, you’ll not be able to get a lot of consumers if your app doesn’t have positive reviews. ASO will increase your page’s visibility but it will be popular only when people start appreciating it. You can’t control a consumer’s views and opinions about your app, but you can stop them from giving a negative review. Remember that even if you have a fantastic app, it’ll not get millions of downloads if there are scores of negative reviews about it.
What can you do to avoid this situation? Create a feedback system through which consumers can communicate with you directly. Don’t wait for them to give a review, instead nip the problem in the bud. If they can express their views directly to you, chances are they’ll not bother about writing a negative review. On the other hand, you should request satisfied users to give ratings and reviews after their job is accomplished. Prompt them at the end of the task and tell them how much you care about their feedback. Positive reviews will help your app gain word-of-mouth publicity and establish its credibility.

4.    Neglecting Consumer Retention Problem

You’ve made a great app and you’ve garnered positive reviews, but your job doesn’t end here. Your app should be able to hold the consumer’s attention constantly. Studies show that almost 50 percent of apps available on iOS and Google Play store have failed to entice users. You’ve to remember that scores of apps are getting released on a daily basis and everyone’s trying to pull in as many users as possible. Once a consumer has found a new app that is better than yours, you have lost them forever!

Fighting retention can be fairly easy if you pay enough attention to your consumer’s needs. If you can’t understand their interests, create a survey so that you learn more about their choices. Keep communicating with your users regularly and keep reminding them of your presence. Occasionally, you can offer some incentives to users so that they keep returning to your app. Just be creative and your consumers will be loyal to you!
Mobile app marketing will take your business to new heights if you can nail it correctly. Just make sure you avoid the mistakes mentioned above and you’re on your way to success.

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