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Why Some Marketing Videos Fail

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More and more businesses have started to promote their brands and products through marketing videos. Videos are an effective marketing solution if done correctly. At the same time, a large number of marketing videos fail because of several producing mistakes. Here are some of the top reasons why some videos fail in marketing a brand or product:

• Failure to engage instantly

A successful marketing video should be able to instantly engage the audience. This gives you about six seconds to get the attention of your viewers before they decide to stop watching it. Your video should start off with a relevant scene that is also interesting and creative.

• Failure to choose the right audio track

Whether they know it or not, your viewers might get distracted by the audio track you choose to use. You may like the music, but you also have to think about its relevance and suitability before using it on your video.

Try going for a track that doesn’t only build the mood but also complements the message you wish to put across. Make sure whatever audio track you use is of high quality. In addition to this, anyone speaking in the video should be easy to understand and comfortable to listen to.

• Failure to call for action

In video marketing, the sole purpose is to get the audience to take action. When the video is over, what do you expect your viewers to do? Unless you want them to move on to a different task and forget all about the video, make sure you include a direct and clear call to action.

You can either add important links to the video for your audience to click on or even narrate the call to action.

Try to make it clear from the start what you want your audience to do and then conclude with a reminder of the same. This can ensure that you get your message across even if some viewers decide to stop watching the video midway.

Most people despise being sold to, so it’s also important that you avoid trying to sell directly in your video. Aim your video at building trust and relationships, so that your audience gets to know you better.

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