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Why Updating Your Business Website Can Increase Sales?

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By now, it’s a known fact that a website plays a key role in business success. Yet, like a lot of businesses, your website may seem to have lost its punch. Today, many business owners who have invested time, effort and money in creating an easy-to-navigate, SEO friendly website are wondering why it has stopped delivering as it used to. Read on to see why updating your business website can increase sales.

Less traffic, less buzz, less time spent by users, and minimal conversion of clicks to sales, are some of the symptoms of a dying web presence. A quick survey of your users can give you the right diagnosis, but what’s the life saving treatment?

What you need is website redesign and upgrade. When your website has lost its edge, sharpen it and put it out there to make it big, again!

How Do Websites Impact Business?

Before looking for solutions, let’s look at what we’ve got. We all know that websites are essential for businesses, and also that they’re a lifeline for small businesses. Even if you have a brick and mortar set-up, unless potential clients know what you’re all about, where to find you and what you offer, they won’t land up.

Studies like this one show that 81% of people do an online search before they make a purchase decision and this is especially true for local businesses. They visit a store based on what they find online, and Google Analytics reveals that 50% of people who find what they want online via a smartphone search tend to make a store visit within 24 hours, and 20% out of those make a purchase.

Essential Design Upgrades

Unless your website is optimized for multiple devices, you’re losing out on smartphone/tablet users. Google has recently made mobile-friendliness a statistic for ranking, and it also offers a free test to check if your site is mobile-friendly. Another area that you need to look at is faster load time. With attention spans shrinking and hordes of competitors to deal with, nix the downtime.

57% of customers move on if there’s a 3-second delay in loading, and 80% never return. People access your website from many different devices. Use a responsive design and a modern CMS platform. Add videos, cookies/click-tracking, search-boxes, social media links, an email sign-up option, and customer-reviews. Reduce forced sign-ins and registrations.

Local businesses with global aspirations must provide content in multiple languages. Integrate a translation management system that works across geographies.

Impact of Upgrade

Redesigning helps to improve search visibility, keeps your customers engaged and enhances user experience. Simple, timely updates have a measurable impact on sales.


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